DAMAK: Order within chaos

I believe in the magic of motion that everyday life brings. And this trip to Damak gave me even more reasons to believe. I was in town to attend a wedding ceremony with a friend, and, in whatever time I had outside of the celebrations, I let my camera interact with Damak. 

The crowd, chaos, and the hustle in the market areas in Damak are truly interesting and baffling at the same time.

Warm people and genuine laughs are the real treasures of this town. Here, you have all the traditional shops and shopkeepers that charge the neighbourhoods with activity and bring Damak a full circle—a beautiful circle of hard work and order within dizzying chaos. Damak might not be a city that comes to the top of your mind when it comes to photography, but it certainly will open your heart to the beautiful colours and textures that permeate everything that transpires on its layered streets. 

Staying abreast with fashion trends.


Aakashe Pul, the overhead bridge in Damak, pulls in locals and visitors alike for a view of the city.


Grainy colours.


Fishy business.


Stitching, from dawn till dusk.


Behind rose-tinted glasses. 


A Namkeen shop at the crack of dawn.


Photos: Pramin Manandhar
Text: Susma Panta 

Published: 2017-08-26 13:04:54