Nepse posts slight growth, up 5.57pts

- Post Report, Kathmandu
Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) index gained 5.57 points to close at 1,411.52 points last week. 
The secondary market that opened at 1,405.95 points on Sunday lost 3.72 points to close at 1,402.23 points. The index picked up 2.26 points on Monday before closing for a public holiday on Tuesday. The market gained 7.03 points on Thursday to close at 1411.52.
As a result, the overall market index surged 5.57 percent over the week, according to the Nepse weekly report. The sensitive index that measures the performance of Group ‘A’ companies also increased 1.11 points to close at 298.12 points with a rise in index of commercial banks along with majority of the other trading groups. 
Last week, the shares of 172 listed companies were traded. Although the market index saw a rise, the transaction amount dropped by 21.28 percent to Rs1.36 billion. The traded number of shares also went down to 3,473,020 units from 5,059,930 units in the previous week. 
With a growth in the market index, the average value of the shares listed on the stock market also went up Rs8.15 billion with market capitalisation reaching Rs1,650.05 billion from Rs1,641.9 billion over the week. 
Other than hydropower, the remaining trading groups witnessed upward movement in their indices.
Insurance gained the largest of 46.73 points to close at 7,227.54 points. 
Similarly, hotel gained 20.03 points to close at 2136.24 points. It was followed by microfinance (16.87 points), development bank (12.78 points), trading (12.24 points), commercial bank (3.96 points), finance companies (2.59 points), manufacturing (1.95 points) and ‘others’ (1.3 points). 
However, hydropower shed 8.45 points to close at 1,832.27 points. 
Of the individual companies with the largest transaction amount, Sanima Mai Hydropower Limited led the segment, posting turnover of Rs82.52 million. The second position in terms of stock trading amount was secured by Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited, which registered share transaction of Rs78.04 million. 
This was followed by Nepal Bank Limited (Rs76.35 million), Nabil Bank (Rs47.27 million) and Laxmi Bank (Rs46.3 million). 
Right Shares/Bonus Shares
Company Type Units
Kabeli Development Bank Bonus  140352 
Siddhartha Insurance Limited Bonus 1069035 
Global IME Bank Bonus 8080341 
Laxmi Bank Limited Bonus 7472412 
Published: 2018-02-04 08:39:18