Shristi KC biopic set for March release

- Post Report, Kathmandu

When a doctor prescribed the wrong medicine for an eye allergy, Shristi KC became completely blind at the age of 16. She did not, however, let her blindness affect her life. After completing her SLC examinations, Shristi could not find any private college to offer her admission. Padma Kanya College was the only institution that allowed her to enroll, and defying all odds, she went on to become the board topper for Intermediate and Bachelor level examinations, and eventually started her own organisation to uplift the life of people who have suffered from blindness. She is also a dance teacher and has been an inspiration for many.  Her life has now become the subject matter for a movie starring Benisha Hamal and Arpan Thapa. The film, Blind Rocks—which is also the name of KC’s organisation—has recently dropped its first trailer in a press meet that was organised this week. 

In the film, actor Hamal  has enacted the role of Shristi. The trailer indicates that the film will show how Shristi became blind, her initial hardship, adjustments to her new life, and the success she has experienced because of her continuous dedication and hard work.

The biopic has been directed by Milan Chams and produced by Nikesh Limbu. During the press meet the director informed that Shristi’s life has been so dramatic, there was no need to fictionalise any part of the story.  The makers hope that the film will promote the idea that physical disability does not translate into inability.

Shristi, who was present at the press meet, said that the movie has encouraged her to do better work, and requested the present audience to give her feedback after watching the movie. The film is scheduled to release nationwide on March 2.

Published: 2018-02-09 08:49:08