Flood wreaks havoc in Nalgad, Jajarkot

4 houses, 5 shops, 4 mills, 60 water mills, two truss bridge and arable land swept away

- Post Report, Jajarkot

A flood at Jhupra River in Nalgad Municipality of Jajarkot district on Tuesday has swept away four houses and caused massive damage of properties.

Apart from the four houses, five shops, four mills, 60 water-operated mills, two truss bridges and large area of arable farms in Nalgad Municipality-2, 3 and 4 were swept away by the flood.

The houses of Janak Bahadur Chand and Dhan Bahadur Rawal of Dhuwara, Nalgad-3, Khimlal Jaisi of Nalgad-5 and Kausi Bista of Nalgad-2 were swept away.

Likewise, the flood also swept away a truss bridge that connected Nalgad-3 and 4 at Dhuwara and another bridge at Kalimati that linked Nalgad-2 and 5, informed municipality chief Tek Bahadur Rawal.

Over a hundred families have been displaced due to the flood.

Published: 2018-08-15 12:09:33