India ups flight security after hijack alert


The Indian government has significantly increased the number of air marshals on Kathmandu-bound flights, particularly from Delhi, after security forces and aviation agencies received clue of a possible hijack attempt, The Hindustan Times reported.

A senior officer associated with Indian aviation security told the Indian daily that the number and frequency of air marshals on flights bound for Afghan capital Kabul and Kathmandu have been increased after intelligence agencies indicated there were threats.

However, Nepali officials in Kathmandu appeared to be oblivious about the issue. India has been deploying two to six marshals per flight depending on the threat perception on a specific route.

Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Civil Aviation Authority Suresh Acharya said, “The concerned bodies should be informed after getting approval from the Home Ministry. But we don’t have any information about it.” 

India started flying sky marshals, who are commandos from National Security Guard, on its flights after an Indian Airlines aircraft en route to Delhi from Kathmandu was hijacked by a terror group on December 24, 1999. (PR)

Published: 2018-09-10 07:58:26