Commitment and perseverance key to building brands

Mukesh Kumar Shah began his business career early in life after taking over the mantle at his family’s ornament distribution store while still a student.

Post Report, Feb 20 2017

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Factors that make for viral content

Content and copy that left readers awe-inspired, excited, or amused were more likely to be shared than low-arousal content that evoked contentment or sadness.

Feb 13 2017

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Startup Nepal: The resourceful startup

You as an aspiring entrepreneur might have a revolutionary idea; but it will remain an idea if you don’t take the right steps to create a business.

Pranjal Ghimire, Feb 13 2017

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Creating an online brand to be reckoned with

Ask yourself one question: “What is my business really about?” It is very important to display a consistent branding strategy across all online channels.

Post Report, Feb 13 2017

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Top 10 CV buzzwords—and how to avoid them

Take a look at your CV. Do you describe yourself as creative? Strategic? Experienced? If so, you’re not alone, but you may want to consider a rewrite.

Stephen Chambers, Feb 13 2017

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Branding your product in these changing times

As the Nepali market and products continue to grow and diversify, branding, marketing and advertising are becoming more important than ever.


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