Ten rules for job interview success

These rules and tips will help job-seekers to maximise potential employment opportunities, and receive job offers they deserve.

Post Report, Sep 11 2017

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HR management as a launch pad

In the last couple of decades, Human Resource management has become vital to improving employee productivity and the overall efficiency of businesses.

Sep 11 2017

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‘HR management is about catalysing harmony’

Mohan Ojha started his career in 1993 as office assistant. Then he spent the next two decades moving from one organisation to another, gathering valuable experience and know-how.

Sep 04 2017

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‘Make employees feel valued’

Kumar Joshi began his career as an educator while he was still enrolled as a graduate student.

Aug 28 2017

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‘Stay open to challenges and take them on’

Lajana Tuladhar was always fascinated with the corporate and professional culture of the banking industry. However, she initially went on to pursue a career in IT and began her career at technological firm.

Aug 14 2017

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‘Learn together, grow together and perform together’

Govinda Gurung, the recently appointed CEO of Civil Bank, joined the institution six years ago as its deputy CEO.

Aug 07 2017

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STARTUPS Nepal to host Tech incubation

Following a five-day-long women-focused entrepreneurial boot camp—Udhyami Seed Camp—STARTUPS Nepal is gearing up for another edition of their incubation program, this time dubbed the Tech Edition.

Post Report, Jul 31 2017

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From waiting tables to leading Leos

The son of a landless Biratnagar restaurant proprietor, Chand Babu Iraki struggled to complete school and find work as a youth.

Post Report, Jul 31 2017

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Giving voice to the voiceless

The True Stories project began with a woman in California reaching out to a few individuals in Nepal hoping to start a process of healing.

Sophia L Pande, Jul 23 2017

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‘Don’t fixate over problems, come up with solutions’

In 2009, Dr Bishal Dhakal returned to Nepal with the vision of starting Health at Home—an organisation that provides health care services at home for ageing patients or those that are invalid.


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Patience and Perseverance

For someone who initially started out in the banking industry and served there for a long time, Ashok Khadka has been able to transition into the insurance sector seamlessly.


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‘Good management is nurturing in nature’

For someone whose first job was that of a Math and Science teacher in a middle-school, Chandra Tandan has come quite a long way.


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