Meet the men who want to turn motorbike maintenance into an art

While still in high school, Ashish Sinha and Kalash Tuladhar came across a rundown vintage Royal Enfield Bullet 360. As bike enthusiasts, this machine, rusty and water-logged, piqued their interest—they wanted to see if they could restore it.

Pranaya SJB Rana, Dec 10 2018

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Execute your ideas soon so you have plenty of time for experimentation

Today, homemade Nepali pickles in a variety of flavours and tastes are available from a growing number of outlets, on both small and large scales.

Dec 10 2018

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Head in the clouds

At some point or the other, everyone encounters a Captcha on the internet. This little annoyance, designed to differentiate between humans and robots in a reverse Turing test, asks users to input text from garbled images or to identify which pictures includes images of cars or street signs or pavements.

Bibhu Luitel, Dec 03 2018

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Despite being an agricultural country, we don’t specialise in anything

Deepak Tuladhar had spent more than seven years in the UK, working for a supply chain management company as an Human Resource manager, when he decided to start a new life from scratch. He returned to Nepal with a desire to start something on his own, he just didn’t know what yet. In their initial days in Nepal, Tuladhar and his partner began to travel across the country, visiting various districts to explore business opportunities.


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From waste to wealth

Among mountains of bottles, used electronics, cardboard and paper, Panchamaya Tamang works diligently, sorting out each recyclable into its own pile.

Bibhu Luitel, Nov 26 2018

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We promote Newari patrimony through conservation projects

Renovated Newar homes that are rented out to tourists have sprung up all across Patan. These homes offer traditional Newar architecture blended with modern comforts, presenting a smart and affordable alternative to hotels.

Saurav R Pandey, Nov 26 2018

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Wealth of generations

Champa Devi Tuladhar has been knitting socks for over 60 years. In her 76 years, she has given away more socks than she can count—to her family members, friends and just about anyone who would visit her. So when her granddaughters, Lorina and Irina Sthapit, approached her to market her warm handmade socks and sell them, she was hesitant. She had always expected nothing in return.

Bibhu Luitel, Nov 19 2018

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Be ready to take calculated risks

The nonprofit Hatti Hatti works on a three tier model—‘educate, engage, empower’. First, marginalised women who might not have had the opportunities to go to school are provided with an education.

Saurav R Pandey, Nov 19 2018

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You don’t go sell ice on Everest

David Thirumur has been a life coach for the past 12 years, roving across the globe speaking to businesspeople, entrepreneurs and students. A social entrepreneur andleadership speaker, Thirumur was raised in India and was involved in a number of businesses before leaving to become a full-time speaker.

Nov 12 2018

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Marketing must be aligned with a company’s digital footprint

Pratik Aryal started out in marketing while still in college. Climbing through the ranks and switching companies, he gained the necessary know-how about marketing in a country like Nepal, where customs and business environments necessitate targeted marketing methods.

Oct 30 2018

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We are focused on long-term solutions,not short-term profit

Mahendra Man Shakya is the managing director at Sustainable Eco Engineering (SEE) Pvt Ltd, an engineering company dedicated to providing sustainable, green solutions.

Oct 22 2018

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Entrepreneurs must be willing to fail

Young Innovations is a software development company that uses “integrated technology to solve problems in the development and private sectors with specific focus on open data, aid transparency, public procurement, citizen engagement, grievance management and knowledge management,” according to its company profile.

Saurav R Pandey, Oct 15 2018

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