‘If my subordinates grow, I grow’

Sudesh Khaling started his career three decades ago as a junior assistant at Grindlays Bank.

Post Report, Jun 19 2017

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What do investors in Nepal look for?

Ask any entrepreneur in Nepal what their major concern is, and the answer will most likely be money. Although, it sounds too straightforward, everyone starting their business are in it for the money.

Pranjal Ghimire, Jun 19 2017

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Do I need a co-founder?

One of the first and the most crucial decision you will need to make while starting a business is to whether go at it alone or have a partner in crime. While it’s true that most businesses have a co-founder, it’s still up to you to decide if you want to go solo or if you want to get help.

Pranjal Ghimire, Jun 12 2017

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Seven Key Management Skills

An effective manager pays attention to many facets of management, leadership and learning within an organisation.

Jun 12 2017

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‘To reach the top, start from the basics’

Having started out his career as a junior assistant at the Nepal Bangladesh Bank in 1995, Ashok Sherchan has worked for various other financial institutions, including the Nepal Bank of Shillong (NCC Bank), KIST Bank and Prabhu Finance.

Jun 12 2017

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‘Culture of openness creates synergy’

After stints studying and working abroad, Vidhan Rana returned to Kathmandu resolved to make it as an entrepreneur. In 2011, he co-founded Biruwa Ventures, a consulting firm which helps entrepreneurs set up businesses, provides them mentorship and offers co-working spaces

Jun 05 2017

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Discovering what your customers need

If running a business could be broken down into major steps, there would be one that would take approximately half of all the effort you put into your business.

Pranjal Ghimire, May 29 2017

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‘A good leader grows with his team’

Over the past 40 years, Janak Sharma Poudyal has taken up many responsibilities, including first starting out a mathematics instructor, then working as an accountant at Soaltee Crowne Plaza, before moving into the banking sector.

Post Report, May 29 2017

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Innovative solutions to everyday problems

With a new generation of enterprising and enthused thinkers and ‘do-ers’ coming of age, Nepal’s business and entrepreneurial eco-system is vibrant like never before.

Post Report, May 08 2017

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‘Nothing teamwork can’t solve’

Prakash Jayadevan, the general manager at the recently-launched Fairfield Marriott Hotel in the Capital, began his career as a kitchen executive trainee at Leela Group of hotels before working with international hotel chains like Sheraton and Courtyard Chennai.

May 08 2017

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Business for a better future

One of the most interesting trends in business is that of learning how to do business from nature.

Pranjal Ghimire, Apr 24 2017

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All about ideas

Ujaya Shakya chanced upon the advertising industry 16 years ago when he started out as a trainee for the account manager at J Walter Thompson Nepal.

Apr 24 2017

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