BRAND AND CUSTOMER: The perfect pair

Ahmed Dulla says he was never a bright student and once thought that becoming taxi driver would be his highest aspiration in life. Then, by happenstance, he stumbled upon footwear technology on the internet and enrolled into Footwear Design and Development Institute (FDDI) in India. There on, he worked for several renowned international brands, such as Aldo and Zara, before returning to Kathmandu in 2012 to launch his own brand—Dulla Shoes.

Apr 23 2018

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Strictly business: The 3Ps of business: Product, placement & publicity

In 2009, Dilip Kundlia started his own skincare product line, Oshea Herbals, after gaining working knowledge with cosmetic brands in India. Oshea Herbals, an Indian cosmetic brand, which started its journey nine years ago, has a wide range of cosmetic products from skin care to colour cosmetics.

Apr 16 2018

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Having been in business for almost two decades, Himalayan White House is a familiar name in Kathmandu’s higher level education circuit.

Apr 09 2018

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Success comes with a price

Narottam Aryal, a graduate in Public Policy, never had plans of becoming an educator, but once he took the leap and embraced his part-time teaching job as a full-time career, there was no turning back.

Apr 02 2018

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Feel it, do it, live it

You are a busy man. How do you manage multitasking between home, business, and other aspects of your life?

Mar 26 2018

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You snooze, you lose

Banking is a challenging sector. What is your secret to managing the responsibilities on your shoulders? How do you cope with and overcome everyday obstacles that come your way?


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3cs: Character, competency, community

What’s your insight on Nepal’s working culture?

Mar 12 2018

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Bringing the world home

You’ve been associated with branding both local and international products in the market. What sorts of challenges are associated with promoting them?


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Keep standards high and response time low

Pramesh Kharel, the managing director of the internet service provider Classic Tech, has been with the company since its inception in 2010. In that time, he has overseen the company branch out into 72 districts with 1,100 employees.

Feb 26 2018

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Keep an eye on the competition, but don’t let it drive you

Amir K Pradhananga was drawn towards the hospitality industry early on. While growing up, Pradhananga often visited hotels in the Valley with his family and says was drawn to the business without even registering it at first.

Post Report, Feb 19 2018

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You are your own competition

Antim Ranjit started his career as a photographer at Himalayan Colour Lab (Hicola) in 1991. After working at Hicola as its chief photo technician for 13 years, Ranjit joined the Vishal Group in 2004 as a marketer and distributor for photographic equipment and materials.

Feb 12 2018

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