At Narayan Dai’s famous momo shop, stay for the momo--and leave immediately

Each momo is an imperfect assurance that they’re handmade--no frozen, store-bought dumplings here. Some are gnarly, with holes, while others are perfect. None follow their wrapping technique to a tee.

HANTAKALI, May 09 2019

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Krishna Pauroti once meant white bread. Here’s the story behind this Kathmandu institution.

In the beginning, Krishna only made 10-12 loaves of bread a day with the help of two others. Each loaf cost 50 paisa, but white bread was new to the city and it wasn’t very popular. People preferred traditional breads like roti, swari and puri, not this foreign-style bread.

Rose Singh, May 08 2019

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Where to eat in Bhaktapur

Walking from Tachapal Bhimsen, towards Nayatapola, it’s not unusual to see a man stooped over a karahi of boiling chaku, locals ducking through bed-sheet doorways to get their lunch, and others nibbling on sel roti with their tea.

Thomas Heaton, May 02 2019

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Man Tang Hong might not be the cleanest or the most refined, but it’s Sichuan cuisine is often good, sometimes bad—it’s a gamble.

For this review, Hantakali chose Man Tang Hong, a restaurant popular among Chinese tourists and Nepalis in-the-know.

HANTAKALI, Apr 25 2019

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Welcome to eastern Nepal. Now let’s eat.

Newar food might be considered one of Nepal’s most distinct cuisines, but Limbu and Rai food are equally diverse and exciting

Thomas Heaton, Apr 19 2019

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Vivanta’s Akari may style itself as a fine-dining restaurant, but it lacks polish

Akari, the restaurant at the newly-opened Vivanta, has the start of something promising, but it doesn’t have the finish.

HANTAKALI, Apr 12 2019

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A Russian food festival brings soup, bread and happiness to Kathmandu

The foods at Russian Food Festival will definitely be unfamiliar to the Nepali palate, but the dishes are uniquely savoury and carry a distinct Russian flavour to them.

Timothy Aryal, Apr 09 2019

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What’s black and tastes like goat? Kalo Masu, obviously.

It’s a simple idea really: stirring diced goat in a giant pot for hours until it blackens--hence called Kalo Masu--and then mixed with about a dozen spices and a whole lot of ghee.

GOAT, Apr 04 2019

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There is much more to Kakani than rainbow trout and strawberries

Sitting at about 2,000m, one can have uninterrupted views of both Nuwakot and Deurali from any one of the handful of hotels in the area. And, in any one of those hotels, one can find trout. Grilled, fried, or in a curry, the local trout is sold by the kilogram and advertised with pride.

Thomas Heaton, Apr 04 2019

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Meet the man who teaches Western-style dining etiquette to Nepali diplomats

Nearly 1,500 government employees have so far been through Uddab Thapa’s three-session course on etiquette. This year alone, Thapa has 360 students divided into 12 classes.

Thomas Heaton, Apr 04 2019

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This restaurant is challenging the notion that Nepali food is just momos and dal bhat

Almost every item on Raithaane’s menu is linked to a particular community and has its own history, illustrating how truly diverse Nepali cuisine is

Thomas Heaton, Apr 01 2019

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