Ministry to draft new bill to run five state medical colleges under one body

Experts suggest proper study and research before forming the bill

NAYAK PAUDEL, Jun 15 2019

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Blood shortage in Baitadi Hospital affects patients

Critical patients are being referred to Dadeldhura and Dhangadhi for treatment.

TRIPTI SHAHI, Jun 14 2019

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Household air pollution increases risk of cataract and other eye diseases

Experts suggest switching to clean energy and adopting improved cooking technologies.


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Province assembly allocates Rs8 million to contain dengue in Dharan

BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences confirms 54 new cases on Monday, taking the number of dengue patients to 368


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Chances of tuberculosis spread high in prisons, officials say

Both infected and healthy inmates at the Central Jail live at close quarters, even though doctors recommend treating TB patients in isolation

Arjun Poudel, Jun 10 2019

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A second type of mosquito responsible for the spread of dengue in Dharan

Previously, female Aedes aegypti were thought to be solely responsible for the spread of dengue in the crisis-hit zones of the Sub Metropolis


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Two wards of Dharan sub-metropolis declared crisis-hit zones over dengue fever

As many as 188 people from Wards 8 and 15 have been diagnosed with dengue so far this year

Pradeep Menyangbo, Jun 07 2019

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Where and how to run around Kathmandu

Kathmandu’s pollution and traffic need not be a roadblock for wannabe runners. Knowing how to negotiate the city is all it takes to pound the streets of Kathmandu.

Thomas Heaton, Jun 05 2019

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Authorities to resume pesticide test on fruits and vegetables

Testing of harmful organophosphate and carbamate had been halted due to lack of manpower and test kits

Arjun Poudel, Jun 02 2019

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12 percent tobacco tax hike not good enough, health experts say

Heart diseases are the most common ways by which tobacco kills people. According to the World Health Organization, tobacco kills 27,137 people in Nepal every year.

Arjun Poudel, Jun 01 2019

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An antibiotic apocalypse is coming and Nepal is not ready for it

Antibiotics are overused and misprescribed in both humans and animals across the country. Doctors and researchers say that bacteria are evolving faster than ever, developing resistances to the most commonly used antibiotics, making infections harder to treat.

Tsering Ngodup Lama, May 31 2019

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