The government’s decision to impose an additional five percent excise duty on smartphones is fuelling a grey market in imports

After the Nepal government’s decision to impose an additional five percent excise duty on the import of smartphones in last year’s budget, the inflow of phones has gone down comfortably.

Johnson Shrestha, Feb 12 2019

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The Consumer Electronics Show puts on an annual display of the most innovative technologies. Here are this year’s standouts

Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the annual showcase of consumer gadgets and new technology that took place in Las Vegas, never fails to impress. There is something new to talk about in every iteration.

Pratima Adhikari, Jan 15 2019

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Gadgetbyte: Why are smartphones overpriced in Nepal?

Researching a smartphone on the internet about its specifications and price range before purchasing one is the smart way to go.

Bivek Khatiwada, Jan 08 2019

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IT competition among visually impaired

Somraj KC of Palpa has won the information technology competition among visually impared people. A total of 41 persons with visual impairment competed on computers, and mobile phones, said the organisers Ujjwal Nakshatra Samaj.

Post Report, Jan 07 2019

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The year in tech

Gone is the year 2018, and whether it was your year or not, 2019 is here. This past year was a mixed-bag for technology, as some saw a new dawn, some died down, and some did both-catching a lot of attention but dying quickly. Here are some forms of technology that were born in 2018 and take the helm in 2019.

Johnson Shrestha, Jan 01 2019

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