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The singer of many tunes

The singer of many tunes

Jul 8, 2014-

Sashi Rawal debuted in the music scene with her 2007 album Entrance. The song Chahana Sakiyo from the album became an instant hit upon release and secured a place for the singer in the Nepali music industry. The diva, in 2011, released her second album titled Saathi, which featured hits like Tyo Jyan le Maryo and Timro Haat Samai. Sashi not only writes and composes songs but has also tried her hand at music-video direction. Now she is all set to release her third album, Ritto Ritto, which is due to come out in a couple of weeks. Rajita Dhungana caught up with the talented singer/songwriter to talk about her career and other interests. Excerpts:

When did you decide to become a singer?

I was passionate about singing from an early age but had never thought of making it a profession. Actually, my musical journey began only after finishing school. My brother took me to Do Re Mi music institute, and there, I started taking formal music lessons. Later, I received a six-month scholarship to learn music at Rastriya Nachghar. From then on, there was no looking back.

Who do you look up to as a source of inspiration?

As kids, we weren’t even allowed to watch television at home. So my parents’, especially dad’s, allowing me to take up singing as a career wasn’t something I’d expected. But my brother always encouraged me. He’s always been my greatest source of inspiration. He would hear new songs somewhere outside and would try and sing them at home. I would listen to him in turn and pick up the tune. Eventually, he convinced my parents and inspired me to take up music.

I really like Sunidhi Chauhan as a singer and have always wanted to be able to sing like her. She has inspired me immensely.

What are your interests apart from music?

I’m interested in social work. I have set up an organisation called Pariwartanka Lagi Haatharu, which will be in operation very soon. The research work is complete. The organisation will be working for the management of solid wastes from around the city. The plans are to start from a single ward and organise various awareness campaigns. I think everyone should work together to

manage solid waste. The tourism industry will grow even more if the surroundings are cleaner.

Do you like the idea of travelling?

I enjoy going to new places. Actually, I hadn’t been to any place outside of Kathmandu earlier, but thanks to the musical programmes I participate in, I get to go to different places now. It’s quite an experience. Among the places I’ve visited so far, I really liked Jiri. The place is rich in natural beauty and at the same time, the weather there is magnificent. I’ve heard a lot about Dolpa, so I’d like to go there someday.

Are you a foodie? Do you cook as well?

I love eating spicy food. But momos are my all time favourite. Even if I’m full, I’d never say no to them. I even enjoy making them. Other than that, I cook nothing. It’s not that I cannot cook, but I hate doing it.

Any fond childhood memories you’d like to share with us?

I wasn’t a troublemaker as a kid. I was shy and had my own way of doing things. My brother always took me to school. But one day, I left for school alone. And on the way, I saw a marriage ceremony. I stopped to take a look, but eventually, I got so engrossed with everything that was happening that it totally slipped my mind that I had to be in school. In fact, I also made a friend at the venue and played with her the entire day. Apparently, my parents thought I was lost and had started panicking. They went about looking for me before they found me playing with my new friend.

What do you think are your strength and weakness?

I think I’m a determined person. Once I decide on doing something I never look back. About my weakness, I’m very emotional. I get easily affected by things happening around me. I wish I was stronger that way.

Is there anything you are scared of?

Snakes… if that counts. They just look so creepy. But the scariest thing for me is the thought of having to live without my family. We are very close and I don’t know what I’d do without them.

Are you a religious person?

I have faith in God but I’m not reallly religious. Actually, I am allegic to vermilion powder. So I do not do pujas and don’t really go to temples. More than worshipping God, I think one should worship humanity. Hence, my desire to help the ones in need.

What are your upcoming plans?

After the release of Ritto Ritto, I am planning on doing a couple of music videos for songs in the album. After that, I want to record a Teej song. My mother has always wanted  me to do that. So I know what to gift her this Teej. I’ve recently released Nepal Nepal, a song with a social message. I would like to do more such songs in the future. I’m a Management student, and I want to use my learning to start a venture of some sort. I’ve yet to decide on what it’s going to be about, but I will start as soon as I have an idea.

Published: 08-07-2014 10:54

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