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Nepali flavours for your Android device

- Prajesh SJB Rana
Nepali flavours for your Android device

Apr 8, 2015-

The demand for localised Nepali apps has started opening up due to the overwhelming adoption rate of smartphones by the Nepali populace. Nepali people across the country have adopted smartphones as essential parts of everyday life, and with the introduction of cheap, affordable cellphones like the Indian Micromax or Chinese OnePlus phones, owning a powerful octa-core phone doesn’t put a dent in your wallet anymore. These powerful phones open up a world of possibilities for Nepali app developers, and with international companies like Google endorsing the development of apps for their mobile platforms, Nepali apps seem to have gained a strong foothold in the Nepali smartphone community.

There are plenty of Nepali apps available on the Play store and many of them are designed and developed very well too. Nepali smartphones users have also easily adopted these applications and have more or less made life in Nepal easier with apps that keep you connected to the happenings in the country. Here, we discuss a few such Nepali apps, all of which are available for free on the Google Play Store.

Yellow App:

Yellow App is a very well-designed app that conforms to Google’s material design and integrates very well with the rest of your Android operating system. What makes Yellow App interesting for the Nepali market is the fact that it provides you with information on the thousands of restaurants around Kathmandu. In addition to providing you with detailed information and helpful user opinions, the app also includes information on the various events taking place at these restaurants. Yellow App is not static in anyway, because it dynamically provides you with restaurants that are closer to you in distance. It also sorts restaurants by user ratings and the type of cuisine you are looking for. Yellow App is one of the best Nepali apps out on the Play store and will no doubt satisfy any restaurant-related queries within a beautiful Android interface.

Hamro Patro:

There are plenty of Nepali Bikram Sambat calendars on the App Store but what elevates Hamro Patro over all the others is the number of additional features that the app offers. Hamro Patro is more than just a calendar because it offers features like access to Nepali FM Radio, Foreign Exchange Rate information and a daily Nepali horoscope. Apart from these, the app also provides a photo galley of Nepali pictures that can be set as your phone’s wallpapers and also a date converter that converts BS dates to AD. Hamro Patro is also very well-designed, which again is along the specifications of Google’s new material design aesthetic. The app works well on your phone as well as your tablet, so you don’t need to worry about an overblown mobile interface on your big-screen tablets. The app will also remind you of important Nepali events through a non-intrusive notification message system.

Nepali Loadshedding App:

Loadshedding apps are no doubt very popular, given the long hours of power cuts we Nepalis endure. The most preferred loadshedding app seems to be the one provided by Shiran Technologies, but that app is very basic and cluttered when it comes to the user interface. It usesbig outdated clunky graphics that are very difficult on the eye. It also doesn’t offer a tablet interface, which makes it difficult to use on bigger screens. A better alternative would be the app provided by poolside Labs because of the simple material design that adapts well to tablet screens. It also stays silent and does not spam your notification drawer with endless messages on your loadshedding status.

Hamro Nepali Keyboard:

Hamro Nepali Keyboard is an awesome keyboard replacement app for your Android phone if you prefer typing and communicating with your friends in Nepali. A Nepali keyboard is very difficult to lay out because of the plethora of characters we have in our Devanagari script, but Hamro Nepali Keyboard is very well laid-out and all the characters are easily available right on the keyboard screen. This app makes typing in Nepali less of a chore. The keyboard also gives you the option to switch from Devanagari to Roman characters with an easily accessible button on the top-right of the keyboard.

Bagh Chal:

For smartphone users long obsessed with addictive games like Angry Birds or Temple Run, Bagh Chal is a simple app that brings the classic Nepali board game of tigers vs goats to your Android screen. The app is still very rudimentary and the design is not very well done, but the app helps modernise a traditional board game that has been in our culture for centuries. A nice app for your phone if you enjoy the game of Bagh Chal, but for tablet users, using this app might be a hassle because of its lack of a tablet-optimised interface. Still, a nice game to have on your phone for when you’re travelling around the city or just as an activity to pass the time.

The Nepali app market has also started improving and in the last few years, Nepali app developers have put in a lot of effort to bring quality apps for your Android devices. Although many developers haven’t focused on the user-interface aspect of app development, the future looks bright with many apps that have standardised how apps appeal to users.

There are plenty of other Nepali apps on the Play Store for you to explore and find one that resonates Takea look around and you might be pleasantly surprised by how far Nepali apps have come.

Published: 08-04-2015 08:35

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