Campaign to showcase earthquake-resistant building designs

  • Govt demolishes 720 houses

May 30, 2015-

To make people aware about earthquake-resistant houses, the government is making preparations to launch a campaign, under which officials will showcasae the designs.

The Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) said the task would begin from Friday. “The campaign is aimed at showcasing earthquake-resistant designs for the people who are planning to build new houses,” said the ministry’s Spokesperson Padam Kumar Mainali on Friday. “We want the people to be aware about the technology.”

Mainali said the government has come up with a number of earthquake resistant designs that would cater to the needs of the people from different culture, ethnicity and geographic locations. Under the campaign, the people will be shown different designs for one-, two-, and two and half-storey buildings.

The ministry said the people can choose one of the designs, but they have to mandatory apply earthquake-resistant technologies. The government team will also give a cost reference for a particular design and technology used.

The ministry has stated the task of developing the designs has been given to the Department of Urban Development and Building Construction (DUDBC), and the designs are being prepared by government officials.

According to Shiva Hari Sharma, deputy director general at the DUDBC, the campaign will make people aware that homes built using bricks, stone, concrete and reinforced concrete, among others, too can be earthquake-resistant if certain technologies are applied. “We are preparing around 20-25 house designs based on our local architectural designs,” Sharma said, adding the campaigners will also inform people about how the detailing of the home like the placement of windows, doors, roofs and walls are done, among others.

The DUDBC is also conducting training sessions for the workers for developing earthquake-resistant house. “We need to build 600,000 homes across the country. Therefore, it is important for us to impart knowledge on the workers too regarding how houses can be made earthquake-resistant by doing simple things,” Sharma said.

The government is planning to mobilise a central team which will coordinate with the district-level offices.

Govt demolishes 720 houses

The government has demolished 720 houses and buildings damaged by the April 25 earthquake and subsequent aftershocks. Padam Kumar Mainali, spokesperson at Ministry of Urban Development, said there are 2,280 homes that need to be demolished. The Department of Urban Development and Building Construction Deputy Director General Shiva Hari Sharma said there are more than 1,500 homes that need to be demolished at the possible earliest in the valley alone.

“While demolition of up to three-storey houses is underway, we are facing difficulties in demolishing taller buildings,” Sharma said, adding they were working to import equipment and manpower to operate them.

Sharma said the government has handed over the task of demolishing houses to local-level technical committees and the achievement so far has been encouraging. (PR)

Published: 30-05-2015 08:48

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