Journey with fear


Sep 2, 2015-

Women are incomplete, unfinished men. In reproduction, woman is passive and receptive whilst man is active and productive; for the child inherits only the male characteristics,” claimed Aristotle. Even women of the 21st century are considered as being incomplete and unfinished. Are we really incomplete? In fact, we have internalised the words of Aristotle which are inherited by our culture. Further, we are more suppressed by our own perspectives than our culture. We ourselves think we are weaker, passive and only receptive. This is not anything else but the result of our passive mind. Neither god nor nature has discriminated against us by giving less power, instead nature has gifted us many possibilities

There is no doubt that some of us are taking advantage of the physiological structure of our body as our weakness. If we give a second thought to it, we can find surprising possibilities. By nature we are more powerful than men. It is because we can give new life which is impossible for men. In short, our strength is our own physiological structure. Most probably we do not dare to do and easily make excuses whereas men have to do whatever is intended, that is their compulsion. Wherever we are absent, they are always visible there so they are present on the frontlines. Therefore, we have to overcome this and not let men take advantage of our absence.

Similarly, most of the times we are pushed back from the decision-making levels. Perhaps we are less in number at the executive level. Those who are present may hesitate to take decisions. This way, we might be left behind because of our own doing. Though many of us are efficient, our low self-esteem is making us lag behind. Furthermore, our mind is filled with escapism. We like to escape from our duties, responsibilities and opportunities. Often, we neglect and remain indifferent which might be the major reason for our backwardness. Knowingly or unknowingly, we are letting things go so new possibilities never favour us. If we dare to do, we can do whatever men can do, even more because we have more passion and can sacrifice more than men.

Lastly, fear is one of the main obstacles to our progress. The fear of failure, the fear of insecurity and the fear of discrimination dominate our mind. I think the journey within fear is full of adventure. This journey within fear brings excitement along with new possibilities that lead towards success. As Rabindranath Tagore claimed, the mind with fear cannot achieve any goal. He meant to say that success is possible where the mind is without fear. To cut a long story short, just few steps ahead of fear lays success. If we attempt to start our journey even in fear, success will follow us. So, let’s dare to start our journey within fear. Why not today?

Published: 02-09-2015 08:37

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