Eight Tips for Hiring the Right Person for the Job

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Apr 17, 2017-Focus on the candidate’s potential

Nothing is more important in a new hire than personality. While having the right skill set may seem essential, the fact is, skills can be acquired, but personalities cannot.

Check social media profiles

Like most employers, you probably already make it a point to do a background check (including at least a quick Google search on the candidate’s name) to see what comes up about that person online.

But if you’re not looking through the candidate’s social media profiles, you could be missing a key way to find out more about the individual as a person and an employee.

Fit the personality to the job

A candidate’s personality is another really important factor to consider. Just because a person seems like the right fit for your company, doesn’t mean that person is the right candidate for the job(s) you have open. You have to make sure that the employee you hire is up to the task.

Ask the right kinds of questions

You can’t come right out and ask someone if they’re a jerk. But, you can ask questions that will help you figure it out on your own.

Ask questions that can tell you a lot about a candidate’s drive and ambition, which is important in helping you understand how the person works, and whether or not your prospective employee will grow with your business.

Let candidates interview you, too

Don’t be the only one to ask questions. To help determine if your prospective candidate has the right personality for your particular job, it’s important to help that person understand the company’s work environment.

Allowing prospective employees to interview you for a change will give you a chance to see what’s important to them.

Plus, it will give candidates a chance to determine that they want to keep pursuing a job at your company, or to decide that it’s not the right fit for them—and that’s just as important. 

Think of your other employees

You have a legal obligation to provide your other employees with a safe and healthy work environment.

If a potential employee gives any indication that he or she could be aggressive or has an anger problem, you should find someone else.

Employees who have feelings of entitlement—which translates into unreasonable expectations in terms of advancement, rewards and compensation—are often the ones who take their disappointment out on others in anger. Keep an eye out for those personality types, Harvey warned.

Don’t judge a book by its cover 

It’s easy to write off candidates based on their appearance, but it’s more important that you consider how well they can do the job and if they’re a good fit in other ways.

That’s why, when you’re making hiring decisions, it’s important to think outside the box. You never know—candidates who fall outside the lines of your requirements may still be the perfect fit for your business.

Know that not all hires work out

You’re only human, so even after following all these tips, it’s entirely possible that you might still make a bad hire.

If you have tried to solve whatever issues have arisen as a result of a new hire, and your attempts have failed, it’s okay to let the person go. After all, you want an employee who is going to add to your company culture, not make it worse. 

Published: 17-04-2017 08:43

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