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May 29, 2017-Over the past 40 years, Janak Sharma Poudyal has taken up many responsibilities, including first starting out a mathematics instructor, then working as an accountant at Soaltee Crowne Plaza, before moving into the banking sector.

Here too he has worked for four different banks, including Nabil Bank, Laxmi Bank and NIC Asia Bank. Now the Senior Deputy CEO of Global IME Bank, Poudyal believes that the 

banking sector is perfect for those who are looking to continually grow and evolve. In this conversation with The Post’s Alisha Sijapati, Poudyal talks about the banking industry, the pros and cons of constant job hopping and some of his management mantras. Excerpts:

What are your roles and responsibilities as the senior deputy CEO of Global IME Bank?

As the senior deputy CEO, it is my responsibility to look after the entire operations of the bank.

It is my duty to provide leadership training to all the department heads and supervisors.

I have to have a keen eye for details and look after the business, marketing and HR departments.

Today, there is fierce competition among commercial banks, and it is my job to ensure that Global IME remains competitive in the market and popular among customers.   

A job is in the banking sector is viewed very positively by fresh graduates. Any call for vacancies usually gets thousands of applications. What do you attribute the sector’s mass appeal to?

Banking industry is very dynamic and it is always evolving. Unlike other sectors, there is ample space to grow your career in this sector.

Work challenges in the banking sector are the charm of our industry--this is not a monotonous job, as many people suspect.

 There is so much to learn and give back. Those who work sincerely have enough opportunities to prove themselves and at the end of the day, hard work is highly valued and pays off accordingly.

I can guarantee that a career in banking will make employees personally, professionally and financially content and secure even after they retire. Personally, working for commercial banks has been one of the best decisions of my life.

To add to that this industry has a great pay scale when compared to others. You get timely salaries, bonuses and other benefits—which continue to be a big pull for fresh graduates.

You’ve moved jobs several times in your career. What are the pros and cons of constantly job hopping?

There are both pros and cons of shifting from one organisation to another. In the West they say ‘Rolling stone gathers no moss,’ but in Nepal your dependability, capability and creditability are put on stake if you change jobs often.

Elsewhere, if you shift to a better job, it is considered a prudent decision taken in a positive light, whereas in Nepal, the working culture is starkly different.

Here, employers don’t take you too seriously if you do a lot of job hopping--you lose credibility. 

I don’t prescribe to those values. I think people should continually be on the lookout for new opportunities and challenges.  

For me, moving from one place to another was a daunting task, as I had to build my identity at a new place from scratch each time.

When you already have had a certain kind of image at a job, the fear of not being able to replicate it in a new workplace arises all the time.

But as long as you are committed to what you do, nothing is impossible.   

In you long career, you’ve worked and led various teams at various organisations. What are some qualities that all leaders should have?

Leadership skills differ according to the area you’re working in and the skill sets you have acquired. 

In my four decades in the corporate sector, I have learnt that to become a good leader one needs be very broad minded.

You need to be ready to hear any kind of criticism. You should not take it personally and react negatively.

You must always be able to communicate and articulate your point of view. If you have a positive attitude, you will rise above anything.

To become a good leader, you need to have a positive attitude and believe in equality.

We have 1200 employees working in our bank, if I don’t present myself with dignity and with fairness, it is my failure. Above all, a good leader is able to bring together a team and create a collaborative environment that helps the team evolve and grow. 

What advice do you have for fresh graduates wanting to join the banking industry?

Decide what your passion is. If your passion in life is to become a banker then by all mean joins.

But also understand that there are no overnight successes in this sector. Banking is all about hard work and perseverance.

If you are patient, diligent and willing to evolve, you will feel right at home in this sector. 

Published: 29-05-2017 09:24

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