When she got stood up

- Deepika Acharya

Nov 17, 2017-

“Good morning, Swoyup!” she said and headed towards her cabin. It was a routine for her. It was her third year at the office and this had become her ritual. Priyanka was devoted to her work and a workaholic, and so was Swoyup. The only problem with him was that he was an introvert, and she was in a one-sided relationship with him. ‘’The boss has asked you, me and Bikash to come for a meeting in his cabin,” he said. Wow! These emotionless words made Priyanka so happy because this was the very first time Swoyup had initiated a conversation with her.

Soon, the day of the meeting arrived, the most awaited day for her. She was so happy that she and Swoyup would be sharing the same room, breathing the same air and sitting a few inches from each other. The routine silence was soon to be changed into conversation. “How can a person love so much and so completely?” she said to herself. That very day, she was more impressed by Swoyup. She liked the way he smiled, the way he analysed. Swoyup too couldn’t remain unaffected by bubbly Priyanka. He started having feelings for her. Her nature, innocence and competencies; he wanted to see, admire and acknowledge them.

Yes, the love was real, but it was unknown to them and to everyone. The two hearts locked their feelings inside and did not let them burst out. For them, the air was filled with love. Living like this was becoming difficult for Priyanka. All she could think about was making a move. She phoned Swoyup, “Are you free tonight?” she asked. Swoyup had a special meeting he had to attend that day, but (feeling rather than thinking) he replied, “I am free. What’s the matter?” Priyanka said she had an important thing to talk about and messaged the place and time where they would meet. Priyanka thought life would be easy after confessing her own-sided love. Swoyup too planned to propose to her. Priyanka had already reached the Hotel Durbar. Her heart was beating very fast, and she had a sad look on her face. Oops! The rejection! She didn’t want to think about it, but it kept bothering her.

She waited for three hours but there were so sign of Swoyup. Disheartened at being stood up, she left for home.

She thought it would be useless messaging Swoyup. She cried the whole night. The next morning, she decided she would stop her feelings for Swoyup and left for work. Everyone at the office looked disturbed. She asked Bikash if something was the matter. He replied that Swoyup had died in an accident. The fact that they were never, ever going to get together sank into her mind. Not a single person had been witness to their love story. Sorry, one-sided love.

Published: 17-11-2017 08:19

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