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Philosophy of life and work

- Saroj Wagle

Nov 29, 2017-

Everybody is guided by a particular philosophy about life. Everyone is, at any point in time, cultivating ideas, knowledge, skills and experience that contribute to that particular philosophy.

I have my own philosophy when it comes to life and work. I feel like the time in this world is too short, and while here we have to make the best out of it by doing good work. No matter who and where we are, the kind of work we do will always matter in defining our time on earth.

Many people overlook the fact that work plays an important role to get to point B from point A. Many people think that results can be produced without putting in any work at all. They actually think that actions are not necessary to get somewhere they desire. And then there are people who give a 100 percent in whatever they do so that they can achieve a 100 percent result. 

While some people believe in going with the flow, others believe in taking control of the situation at all costs.

What is work? For me, my work is everything. Nothing brings me more satisfaction in life than work does. I worship my work. I feel immense joy and I am happiest when I am engaged in work. I strongly believe that no work is small or big. As long as you are diligently involved in a process, and as long as you are producing results for your personal and societal welfare, it is good work and you are living okay. But it is important that you believe in what you do.

As the famous Confucius quote reads, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” 

I am motivated by this remarkable quote. I always dedicate my time and energy to doing what I enjoy.

I feel that we should embark on a career path that involves the line of work that we are good at and are passionate about. Because, if we dive into a career path that leaves us disinterested, we might have a difficult time balancing work life and personal life. 

The more similar the natures of your work and your own are, the more satisfied you will be throughout life. The more we love what we do, the better our quality of life will be. 

So my philosophy of work and life is: Discover where your inclination is, do what you love, and lead a life without regrets. 

Wagle is an MBA student at Charotar University of Science and Technology, Gujarat, India

Published: 29-11-2017 10:59

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