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Top four ‘value for money’ earphones in Nepal

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- Anuj Bhandari

Mar 27, 2018-

Music has always been an integral part of everyone’s daily life. So many of us start our day by listening to music and continue doing so when working or walking back home. Some of you might even be listening to your favorite playlist while reading this article. Since music is a major necessity in our lives, it is important to have the right accessories that complement it. Speakers are great but there are times when we need something more portable and discreet, usually when travelling or when we don’t want to disturb our neighbours in the dead of the night. That’s where the earphones come in. Earphones offer us portability and an ease of use that no other audio device provides. Even with numerous manufacturers now focusing on earphones, it is tough for the buyers to opt for the perfect device to satisfy their needs. With that in mind, here are four of the best value-for-money earphones that are available in Nepal right now. 


Sony MDR-XB50AP Extra Bass Earbud

The Sony MDR-XB50AP looks like a typical in-ear earphone with a tangle-free body. In this device, Sony has focused on the sound of the bass hence, the ‘Extra Bass’ in its name. This earphone has a top-notch sound quality and does a great job of noise isolation with no sound leakage. If you have had your share of using cheaper earphones over the years, the MDR-XB50AP could be a worthy upgrade as it produces some high-grade highs and can easily go up against some of the more expensive headsets if the bass is considered. However, build quality wise, the Sony MDR-XB50AP isn’t that impressive and its cord feels flimsy at times. Also, if you use your earphone while running or working out, the earbuds might not be the best fit as it tends to slip off easily. The MDR-XB50AP does come with an integrated microphone with playback control but it does not let you control the volume. The earbud is ‘average at best’ in terms of sound details and treble. It has little to no distortion and a respectable mid, and it really does a great job producing clearer sound, all for a budget of Rs 4,600.

So why should you opt for the Sony MDR-XB50AP? Well, the earphone delivers that extra bass for someone who is into the ‘boomy’ bass sound. For its price, the in-ear earbud produces a balanced sound with no sound leakage, all the while offering great noise isolation!


Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD

Xiaomi has been a staple in terms of smartphones here in Nepal. Recently, the Chinese company expanded its horizon by launching various devices ranging from speakers to electric scooters to TVs. Mi Nepal is also selling the Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD right now for the price of Rs 3,350. The earbud has a metallic casing which adds a premium feel to it. 

The Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD has a tri-band equalisation that tries to balance the various audio ranges. Even though it does a good job of maintaining the highs and mids, it still falls behind in the bass department. Also, the earphone isn’t as loud as compared to its competitors. One advantage the Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD 

has over the Sony MDR-XB50AP is the inclusion of volume control in the controller, which has a metallic casing.


JBL E15 (3500)

The JBL E15 is probably the most comfortable earphone in this list. Even while using the earbud for a long period of time, you won’t feel uncomfortable, which is the edge it has over most devices. The E15 is lightweight, portable and comes in a minimalistic design. 

The cord of the JBL E15 is made of braided nylon, which not only looks good but also provides extra durability. While most manufacturers try to complicate the design of their earphones, JBL has kept it simple with the E15. Even with the fabric cord, the earphone looks simple yet sleek. 

This earphone does a good job, providing a great bass. The bass, combined with the clarity in sound, certainly makes the earbud sound premium. However, JBL could have done a better job in the mids as it sometimes lacks details here and there. 

For the price of Rs 3,500, the JBL E15 offers an all-around performance without compromising too much in terms of the sound quality. It is one of the most comfortable earphones around especially in terms of its price and has a nylon cord that provides additional strength and durability.


Remax RM 610D

The Remax RM 610D is the cheapest earphone of the bunch. Like the JBL E15, this earphone comes in a simple minimalist design. The RM 610D has an appealing form, but in terms of the build quality, Remax could have done much better. Then again, for the price of Rs 1,499, you can’t really complain as the RM 610D delivers when it comes to the sound quality. The bass does lack that punch and tends to be a little distorted but still, the mid-range and high-range of the earbud is good and pleasing to the ears. If you aren’t into bass heavy music, you will like the RM 610D. 

While many earphones in this price range feel uncomfortable, Remax has done well in terms of making the RM 610D comfortable. Also, the earphone has a remote with volume control and playback control buttons.



There was a time when buying a top-quality earphone meant spending your hard-earned cash. Even while paying the exorbitant price tags, buyers had to compromise in some areas. However, that’s not the case anymore as the Nepali market is currently witnessing an era of high-quality earphones that come at a relatively cheap price. The efficient and affordable headsets listed above are proof of this fact.

Published: 27-03-2018 08:45

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