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An escape back to my roots

Mar 31, 2018-

It’s late June 2017; I’m on my way back to England from a short break to Croatia. The aerial view of the earth from above leaves me in awe and I think back to my second night in the town of Split, Croatia. 

The promenade is full of Croatians; toddlers, children, teenagers, young and the old, everyone is out. The night air is filled with music, the smell of street food, and of the sea breeze. Under a spledid starry sky, they’re all chanting and dancing. Then what had started so sweetly suddenly turned bitter. I felt lost and I knew exactly why: I missed home.

I get off the plane and the first thing I do is look up flights to Nepal. This is the story behind my recent Photo Project in Rolpa and Rukum; a seed planted in my head for years but I only acquired the courage to act on it after that nostalgic evening in Split.   

The project is a depely personal one as I seek myself in the pictures of Rolpa and Rukum. Why these places? Because I was born in a little village called Madichaur in Rolpa and it had been my goal to do something for the land that molded me into the person I am today. I live for nature, because of my early experiences here. I paint, because this place introduced me to the beauty of colours. I swim, because long ago I fell in love with the forking rivers that run through rolpa. 

Being a photographer, I value the vitality of a photograph—it is always a living moment. In this capacity, I conducted portrait sessions and handed out free prints at the end of each shoot—giving people a tangible copy of a moment that would have otherwise passed without notice. These photographs mirror the present; they’re a means of marking one’s identity and existence. They will be passed onto many generations to come and will assume a life of their own. I feel so warm with just the thought of these photographs living inside someone’s photo album or  framed and hung on the wall.  

I was lost in Croatia and never really felt at home anywhere till the day I returned to Nepal.  


Photos & Text Ramuna Pun


Mother and baby duo.



Baju with her nati-natinis.



Goatkeeper Baju.



The 87 years old baju.



Boys of Thawang.



Girl power.






Anjali’s mother.



Family portrait.



Five girls and a boy



Ram Krishan, Anup and Yugant.

Published: 31-03-2018 08:11

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