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An architect who wants to build the country

- Post Report, Kathmandu

Apr 13, 2018-

What career path have you chosen? Why?

I have chosen to be an architect. I’ve always loved indulging myself in creative activities and architecture is a profession that brings my creativity and imagination to life. I don’t have to bind myself in rigid rules and I get to express myself through buildings and spaces I build. I believe in architecture. It has the power to bring social values, culture, psychology, environment and nature, together. That’s why I chose this as my career path. 


Would you rather run a business and contribute to the economy or run the country altogether?

I’d run the country. Running a country would mean that I’d get to look into all the fields (not just business), I could ensure that the country is running smoothly, free of corruption or injustice. I could myself be in charge of everything and not just that, I could make sure that every facet of authority  (governmental/private/NGO) have been doing their job lawfully with dedication. I could bring in new ideas and implement them. As a result, I could end up creating jobs, 1,000  times more than I would by simply running a private business.


Name two personal habits that have helped you grow in life. 

One is determination and the other is hard work. Whatever I put my mind into, I make sure that I am determined to be the best at it and to back it up, I put in my 100 percent, I work hard for it. This habit of mine has helped me achieve my goals, be it in choice of career or education. I am only trying to be the best version of myself as I go through life. 


What random strange event has had the biggest impact on your life?

When I was travelling to Melamchi, Sindhupalchowk, crammed in the bus I saw a man carrying an infant. When I inquired, I found that the man was a single parent to the one year old as her mother had died recently. He worked 14 hours a day, and carried her everywhere he went. The love that they shared got me in tears. He was nearly 60 and yet his dedication as a father to raise his daughter inspite of difficult circumstances had a big impact on me. 


What’s something horrible that we as humans have accepted, because that’s just how things are; but actually things don’t have to be that way at all?

We have easily accepted the wars, violence, and deaths that have been going on around the world. But just because it’s not happening where you live, doesn’t make the fact that the young and old are dying violent deaths everyday or the fact that thousands are pushed to homelessness with no where to turn… any better!

Published: 13-04-2018 09:01

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