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  • Due to progress in science, life has been a lot easier and comfortable than it was some centuries ago.

Apr 16, 2018-

People have always sought reasons for various happenings either in nature or in their lives. In the past, people used to have faith in God but now the place of God has been taken by science. People try to seek scientific reason for everything that happens. Due to progress in science, life has been a lot easier and comfortable than it was some centuries ago. I appreciate what science and its inventions have done to our society. 

Innovation has given us devices that we can all cling to twenty-four hours a day but has also taken from us the real communication that once was very important for the survival of human beings. In the name of creating a global world and trying to connect every individual with every other individual of the world, it has disconnected us from our very society. 

As much as I appreciate science and scientific explanations, I am also a supporter of God. Fear is one thing that stops people from doing what is wrong. Everybody has moral conscience, which is innate. But when there is no fear, immorality thrives. In the past morality was taught through scriptures. The concept of hell kept many people from doing bad things in this life. They were more thoughtful of other people. Respecting and obeying parents was the number one priority. People were humble and respected everyone. 

Alas! These things are now fading. Scriptures are equated with myths. Science has taught humans that they are the supreme being and they can do what they 

want. “There is no afterlife. It is this one life you get, so make the best of it, enjoy!”, says science. People have become materialistic and individualistic. Immediate pleasure is what people seek these days. In almost all religions, creation is believed to have been done by God. However, to erase the name of God from everything possible, the name ‘mother nature’ is used instead of ‘father God’. 

Human are social beings. They cannot thrive alone. Yet science is creating divisions among families. A lot of people are developing mental problems like depression and stress on a daily basis. The fear of God stopped people from doing wrongs. Now there is not much fear of anything in people. 

If we look at the history, the whole of Europe thrived because of Christianity before the renaissance. The ‘orientals’ were always religious. If we read the scriptures, we come to know of ‘Satya Yuga’ where everyone was nice to everyone. There was peace and harmony. There were fights of good versus evil. I believe that it is the wrath of God that so much conflict is going on in this world. But who cares? We are living in the modern age and would be convinced by any other explanation but of the presence of God. 

Published: 16-04-2018 08:09

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