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May 16, 2018-

One of the toughest things about making your life better is remembering to practice what you’ve learned in moments of stress, frustration, and hardship. The bitter truth is that everyone can learn the methods and ways to do this but sticking to them and applying them in the real world is really a difficult task. We often blame our circumstances rather than studying our situation and implementing the knowledge that comes from facing adversity.

As they say, success is falling down nine times and getting up ten, so fighting with failure and fear is what makes us grow. The ones who are successful now were also failures once. Edison failed 919 times in making a bulb glow. You are not a failure until you give up. The experience during the moment of failure is what helps you go forward, and persevering through trial and error leads you to the path be of eventual success.

Life is not a straight and smooth road. It is a long and winding road with unexpected turns and potholes everywhere. If you learn to cross even one obstacle you become more capable of crossing bigger obstacles you haven’t encountered yet; all you need is patience and the will to implement what you have learned from overcoming past obstacles. If you become scared and surrender, you will never move forward. In life, you have to learn to navigate the bends and curves. If you give up you will never be free or happy.

It is always better to experience new things though new failures always abound. Don’t despair

when you fail because once you succeed you will understand how those setbacks contributed to your triumph. Steve Jobs once said, “Do’s can’t be connected looking forward, you have to look backward to connect the dots.”

This means that every experience you face and every step you take are interconnected and these instances eventually form a map that shows of your journey through life. They are significant and there is no point in regretting them—learn from them instead.

Everything seems impossible until it is done. So don’t be frightened to accomplish the impossible of now. Always remember that success introduces you to the world but failure introduces the world to you. Be confident and have faith in yourself, that is what is really important. When you fail, always remember: It’s just a bend and not the end.

Acharya is a student at Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus

Published: 16-05-2018 08:48

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