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- Rabina Karki

Jun 20, 2018-

I have always been obsessed with the word self-love. Social media is mostly occupied by it with numerous quotes and articles upon articles written on it. But I was never interested in the topic, perhaps at the time, I felt sufficiently loved and so, was complacent. Now that I am alone and despondent, it’s the only thing on my mind. I have always believed that love attracts love but what I have seen is that love is merely a part of reality and subject to its vagaries. To expect love in return for love is purely hypothetical. It is merely a wish because there is no justice in the world and no one deserves anything.

If you keep on believing that you are weak, you will demolish your strengths. You have the ability to destroy you. It’s all in your hands. Be your own strength, have the courage to stand for yourself.

Before loving another, first you must learn to love yourself. Self-love is armour that protects you. Always know your self-worth and don’t forget what you deserve, even if there is no justice in the world. You go get yours. You deserve to be loved, to be happy. Don’t compromise for anyone because if you don’t stand for yourself, nobody is going to do it for you.

The universe just has one rule and that is, you have to fight for yourself. Be your own priority before someone else is yours. Nurture yourself with love. Have space for yourself. Keep reminding yourself of your dreams. And take care.


Karki is a student at Patan Multiple Campus

Published: 20-06-2018 08:45

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