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Jul 16, 2018-

Moti Dugar started his corporate journey in 1984 from his father’s oil factory, before moving onto Century Masala under Dugar Spices. He is also the proprietor of two hotels in Biratnagar—Harrison Palace and Fun and Food Village Resort. Having had hands-on experience in service and manufacturing industries for almost three decades, Dugar believes in delivering an impeccable service is the key to corporate success. In this interview with the Post’s Alisha Sijapati, Dugar talks about the customer service values practiced at his companies and shares some of his success mantras. Excerpts:

Having been involved in manufacturing industry for more than two decades, how did you get into the world of hospitality?

I have a passion for good hotels. Whenever I am travelling, I make sure that I stay at good hotels that offer impeccable customer service. Having stayed in many hotels around the world, I thought venturing into the hospitality sector could be a profitable business, particularly because I am passionate about it. As I love living in hotels and being pampered by the hotel employees. I believe that it’s not difficult to please customers, it’s just about giving your 100 percent and being zealous about your work. Biratnagar has a booming economy now. Many notable personalities travel to Biratnagar and it’s a pride when they stay over at a hotel that I have keenly built. Although Harrison Palace is just two-and-a-half-years old, it has received a lot of support from customers.

Century has created an immense brand name in the market. How challenging is it to live up to the customers’ expectations and what strategies do you have in place for maintaining your brand image?

Century brand got recognition through its spices but since its establishment, we have introduced various lines of products ranging from rice, pulses and other snacks. Century Masala is exported to over 15 countries. As it is an internationally known brand, we cannot take the brand value lightly. We need to be careful, especially in maintaining our quality. Our prime priority is to maintain not only the quality of the spices but to give the best presentation while packaging too. The reason our brand is very much visible in the market is due to our hardworking marketing team. Along with the usual marketing gimmicks, we have been able to maintain our brand image through constant feedback from the consumers. It is because of the two-way communication that our brand is successful in the market. 

What are the keys to staying successful for so many decades?

My vision is to introduce new things to the market. I have introduced new things and it worked for me. However, that may not work for everyone else. Nepal is a small market and when one person begins a new industry, everyone tries to imitate it, eventually leading to the collapse of the industry. We are a developing nation and many products have not yet been introduced here. Hence, you need to try something new, try something unique and take risks. Without risks, it is impossible to get the taste of success. You cannot jump into things for the heck of it. If you are in it, you need to aspire to providing quality and good services.

In your sector, customer service is paramount. What are your organisation’s customer service values?

Consumers are our gods. When entering a service industry, this is something essential to keep in mind. You cannot afford to have room for complains. The minute you start compromising on your quality, your downfall has begun. There needs to be timely service and you need to be open to the feedback you receive from customers.

As a managing director of several organisations, you oversee a vast operation with hundreds of employees doing vastly different things. How do you ensure that there is uniformity of performance and keep the entire team motivated?

While climbing the success ladder, people often forget those who help them along their way. But in my organisations, I make sure that I don’t forget my roots. We love our employees. A company is a success story because of the employees and not because of one visionary individual. At our organisations, we consider our employees as an integral part of our lives—they are our family. It is obviously challenging for me to oversee a vast operation, but it isn’t rocket science as long as there is effective communication. We organise weekly, fortnightly and monthly meetings. We are constantly in touch and we avoid any sort of communication gap that can create an unhealthy environment in the workspace.

What are some attributes that you feel all leaders must have?

As a leader, you need to respect everyone, regardless of the position they hold. As a leader, you need to constantly ensure that there is effective and constant communication between people. Leaders can only be successful if they have helping hands. One needs to be passionate and committed to their vision. A leader must be innovative and collaborative.

What advice do you have for up and coming entrepreneurs of the country?

If you truly want to become a successful entrepreneur, you need to try something new, exciting and innovative. Don’t follow the Joneses.

Published: 16-07-2018 08:47

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