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Police gone wild!

  • Why can’t our politicians understand that no regime has succeeded by beating up protestors and or even shooting at them?
- Guffadi

Jul 21, 2018-

Somebody needs to tell our government that it’s not a good idea to use tear gas, laathis and boots and even bullets against students, nurses and doctors inside a hospital. It’s not right to use any kind of force against common citizens at all but who will tell our chors who are in power? Our clowns know

nothing but how to loot and shoot at ordinary Nepalis. And it’s about time our police wallahs act like decent human beings and not like wild rabid savages.

Why can’t our politicians understand that no regime has succeeded by beating up protestors and or even shooting at them? If you could continue to rule forever only by force than we would still have the Shree Tins run wild in Kathmandu.

Our politicians of today were once victims of police brutality too but I guess they seem to forget the past when they are now drunk with power. Instead of reforming the police force, our government continues to use our men and women in blue as their personal security guards. And our police wallahs seem to have not changed at all since the days of the Pancheys. Well, the colour of their dress changed from khaki to blue but their attitude has not changed at all. We, the people are more afraid of our cops than the local toley gundas.

Our police wallahs should also understand that we now live in a new ‘social media’ age. Police brutality will not help the government and our security agencies at all. It only makes our government look stupid and tells the whole world that this country is being run by savages.  

Our police wallahs really need to attend classes on non-violence and how to get things done with minimal force and not use foul languages and physically and sexually abuse protestors.  We want our politicians to think like Mahatma Gandhi and not like our toley Mundrey Gunda!

We want Oli to be our Mandela. Oli may have spent half the time in jail than Mandela but instead of being a uniter, Oli wants to make sure that only byaparis and mafia make tons of money in this land while the government and the people go broke.

Our greatest communist government on Earth is now acting like mafia dons. Now, our government is into kidnapping citizens as well. Dr KC went to Jumla to carry out his hunger strike. Our clowns eat rice from Jumla but don’t want to open a government run medical school in rural areas. Instead, they want to provide affiliation to medical schools run by the byaparis because then our netas will receive millions of Rupees in kickbacks. That’s how the system works in this land of ours.

Why is our government afraid of this crazy authoritarian doctor?  Why do you need to use excessive force to abduct a doctor from Jumla? Our Prime Monster Oli tells us that the opposition wallahs are playing with Dr KC’s life but it’s actually the other way around. Our incompetent totalitarian government is the one who doesn’t care about KC or his demands. The government tells us that it has the right to award licenses to new medical schools across the country and the report prepared by the Mathema Commission does not have to be implemented at all. Yes, the government is right. We have had many commissions formed by successive governments on almost everything.

We still have not punished those who used excessive force during the peoples’ movement over the years. Kamal Thapa, our Home Minister then under Gyanu Uncle’s show, is still around and playing politics. Former chiefs of our security agencies did not face any punishment at all. Many corrupt politicians and civil servants of the past continue to have fun till this day. And where on earth is our Lokman Dai?

Our IGP saheb needs to teach our men and women in blue to practice restraint and use songs and dance and poems to work it out with the protestors instead of cracking skulls and breaking spines of innocent folks. Yes, our security personnel tell us that they only follow orders from the high above.

But at the end of the day, one should also follow the orders from someone higher than our thulo mancheys. Yes, how can our police wallahs beat up protestors indiscriminately and then sleep soundly at night? Well, this is the land where our corrupt politicians sell this country to the highest bidder and sleep peacefully while the country burns.

Our Prime Monster Oli tells us that no one is above the law and our constitution. Yes, he is right. But I guess he forgot to tell us that even our lawmakers should not bend our constitution and break the law left and right. This is the government that has no shame in asking the President to pardon a convicted murderer. And the President does so willingly without thinking about how it will affect the way this country is run in the future.

 This is the government that tells us that Dr KC is a fool and he is just a tool of our opposition parties. Our Congressis are no better than our communists. So, our Kangaroos can carry out their andolans as long as they want and we, the people really don’t care much about them because they have shown us how low they too can stoop when in power.

Dr KC is not a tool of our opposition wallahs. He is a one-person army who has the courage to take on the system. He is clean like the water from the Himalayas. And Oli should stop dreaming about exporting clean mineral water from our mountains for now and instead focus on providing clean drinking water to all Nepalis.

Most of our political parties are actually circus companies run by clowns. But the real clowns make us cry and laugh and we enjoy their act for an hour or two but our ‘political’ clowns only make us cry and their misdeeds affect not only us today but the generations to come as well. It’s been nearly three decades since we got to know our current batch of thieves. It’s about time the youth of our political parties finally rebel and show the old and unscrupulous fogeys the door.


Guffadi is a grumpy old man who blogs at You may contact him at

Published: 21-07-2018 08:28

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