Death rides a bike in the Valley

  • More than 60 percent of all accidents in Kathmandu Valley either involve motorcyles or scooters
- ANUP OJHA, Kathmandu
This fiscal year, 111 two-wheeler riders died in different accidents recorded in the Valley. This is a signficant increase compared to figures recorded in the preceeding two fiscal years

Aug 12, 2018-More than 60 percent of all accidents in Kathmandu Valley involve two wheelers, according to Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (MTPD).

Of the 6,381 accidents registered by the MTPD, this fiscal year in the Valley 4,064 or 63.68 percent involved two wheelers.

The Division’s data shows the number of accidental deaths of two-wheeler riders have increased every year.

This fiscal year, 111 two-wheeler riders died in different accidents in the Valley. This is an increase compared to the last two fiscal years 2016/17 and 2015/16, where the number of deaths was 75 and 77 respectively.

The Division’s data shows, in the fiscal year 2017-18, from the 6,381 accidents registered 4065 involved two-wheelers.

In the fiscal year, 2016-17, from the 5,530 accidents registered 3,349 involved two-wheelers. In the fiscal year, 2015-16, from the 5,668 accidents registered 3,371 involved two-wheelers.

Traffic police say the number of two-wheelers accident is increasing progressively in the valley because of the increasing number of scooters and motorcycles in the valley and reckless driving as well.  

MTPD Inspector Damodar Silwal said, “If you look at the present trend, even middle and lower middle class families dangle the prize of buying a scooter or motorcycle before their teenage children if they fare well in their examinations. Therefore, number of two-wheelers increases every day on the road. This is further aggravated by many reckless riders who do not obey traffic rules.”

According to the Department of Transport Management (DoTM), the number of two-wheelers registered in Bagmati zone is 908,000 as on August 11.  Everyday 1.1 million vehicles ply on roads in the Valley, of these 900,000 are two-wheelers.

Silwal also blames the pathetic condition of roads, full of potholes in the Valley for two-wheeler riders meeting with accidents.

Earlier this year on July 15, Anju Ghimire, 17, a pillion rider, died after a tipper lorry knocked the bike ridden by her brother. Her brother Anuj received severe wounds on his head.

Gehendra Timalsena, 34, resident of Pepsicola broke his left hand after he fell down from his motorbike that

skidded off gravel and sand strewn on the roadside in Koteshwor, near by the newly constructed overhead bridge, two weeks ago.

He said he has been a victim of Kathmandu’s bad roads for half a dozen times while riding his Yamaha FZ 150.

“It’s not even one year that I bought this motorcycle, but now it looks four years old because of the accidents caused by the treacherous roads,” said Timilsena.

Like Timalsena, hundreds of the bike riders find it unsafe to drive in the valley, as there are many roads with potholes full of slush. The road sections Balkhu-Kalanki, Kalanki-Thankot, Chabahil-Jorpati-Sankhu and many other inner parts of the valley are more vulnerable for two-wheelers riders.

Kirtpur resident Ribhu Luitel, a schoolteacher in Rabibhawan, often hesitates to use her scooter after she fell on the muddy road in Balkhu while returning from work.

“Roads in the capital city mean trouble. One has to pass through bumps, virtual ponds and plumes of dusts when during sunny days. Often when male drivers see girls riding a scooter they tend to be more aggressive and try to tailgate them,” said Luitel.

Road Accidents Data

FY            Deaths

2017-18     2541

2016-17     2384

2015-16     2006

2014-15     2004

Last Fiscal Year Data

Deaths                    2541

Critically Injured     4144

Normally Injured    8247

Vehicles Involved

Motor cycles         (6874)

Jeeps and Cars      (5212)

Truck and Tankers     (2430)

Bus                         (2005)

Major Causes

Drivers’ Negligence     (8461)

Over Speeding            (1395)

Drink and Drive          (311)

Passengers’ Fault       (272)

Source: Nepal Police

Published: 12-08-2018 08:06

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