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Losing focus are we?

  • Himalayan Roadies
- Abha Dhital, KATHMANDU

Sep 18, 2018-

Honestly, I can’t decide how I feel about the last episode. The people I had placed my bets on disappointed me, underdogs unexpectedly rose to glory, and the one person who should have stayed was voted out.

Stars of the show

I have a thing for introverts. They may be the quietest in the lot but do they get the task done? Rabin, our introvert here, didn’t have anything substantial to show in the last episode, but he has surely left a mark this time around. Until this episode, we knew him as the quiet boy with coloured hair, now we know him as the quiet boy who saves his energy for the performance while others use it up in what we like to call ‘playing politics.’ Yes I’m looking at Srijan here. Somebody tell me why Srijan doesn’t (didn’t) like Sagar and why he is so keen on making this guy look bad? And Priveer, who learnt the hard way that he was not here to make friends has consequently taken to attacking people as well. Influenced by Srijan much?

But that’s not how Rabin rolls. He just focuses on his own tasks and it is paying off really well. He did so well in the immunity challenge that I am now placing my bets on him (and his partner Aayush, of course). These two have more than long hair in common, they are here to win! What others couldn’t do in five minutes, they did it in less than two and effectively made themselves immune to being voted out. Even Deeya is placing her bets on these two.

Deceptive appearances?

I am guessing Cutie, the body-builder, and Tejas, the best-built as well as the most intelligent-looking man in the lot, forgot to take their protein shakes on this day.  How else do we justify their horrible performances? If we were to go by the looks, they were supposed to nail the task. Last night’s immunity task was all about physical and mental strength and even as these two took turns to raise the log with quickly-filling buckets off the ground, they failed miserably. It was as if their heads were covered in fog. Oh boy, was I disappointed. Aayush on the other hand, super skinny, did an excellent job. If we have learnt one thing from this episode, we have to quit judging people by how they look.

Inglorious battle for glory

I have to admit I clicked my tongue throughout the episode last night. Tch. The contestants made it seem like both the challenges they were put up against were impossible! Everybody did a terrible job. Terrible, terrible job. The judges were disappointed, the audiences were disappointed and were all back home wondering if all of the season is going to be this slow. Only two out of nine people could perform in their second chance to gain immunity. Are we glad that Cutie was more focused this time around? And why did everyone else look seem so distracted and nervous?

Tough luck

If there’s one person that was as unlucky as Sagar last night, it has to be Milan. Oh Sagar, I don’t know what happened between you and Srijan (or others) that you somehow became the least loved man on the show yesterday. For what it’s worth, I wanted to see more of you. At least you walked the talk and tried your best to do the job. Srijan on the other hand has managed to get under our skin, and not in a good way.

Milan, I wish the stars align for you next time around. This lad managed to perform well at both tasks but somehow ended up finishing second both times as well as losing his opportunity to grab the immunity. Good thing is the other contenders still like him and he’ll probably manage to survive the vote outs for a while.

Jureli, oh Jureli. You have had tough luck too. First, you don’t get to perform and when you do get to perform, you fail miserably. Deeya surely has her eyes on you. She is watching. Riya and Barsha pretty much had little to nothing in terms of leaving a mark. They were almost non-existent—ghosts that have disappeared from the show.

Can we please have a solid episode with solid performances next week!? Thank you very much.

Published: 18-09-2018 08:16

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