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Too much guff, not much performance

  • Himalayan Roadies
- Abha Dhital

Sep 25, 2018-

 Monday’s episode ended with a promise that the next episode will be hot—place-wise, but I really hope that it’s also going to get hot in every other possible way—please? It has got to get sensational. It’s high time. Because let’s face it, last night’s episode was barely even lukewarm.

Somebody tell me why our contenders look so distracted all the time? What is it that’s making them lose focus? If the heat of Shuklaphanta is getting the better of them, how are they going to survive Tikapur?

Or is it just like Raymon says, who by the way looked super sharp in his khaki outfit—most of the top ten contenders are either under-confident or over-confident, and they haven’t learnt the art of balancing the two. Perhaps, they should have been taken to Lumbini to get some inspiration from the Buddha and his ‘middle-path’.

It’s not about the money, or is it?

Last night’s episode saw the second money task of the season and it promised a whopping thirty five lakh rupees to the contenders. Rs 350,000! And our kids, even as they put a collective effort, fell a little short by Rs 270,000. Tch.

They’ve got to do a little more than lobbying and what they call ‘planning’ to survive in the show. To save themselves from getting voted out, they have to start playing, fair and square. Isn’t that what Himalaya Roadies is all about? Winning by playing, winning by performing, winning by testing their mental and physical strengths? And perhaps it’s not just about the money, but if such huge amounts of money isn’t enough incentive to push our roadies, what is?

Walk the talk already

If there are two contenders that have got to start keeping shut, it’s Priveer and Milan. Boys, boys! Why do you have to talk all the time? Why do you have to whine about every single thing? And why even make claims like “if you can’t perform, you should just go home!” if you are not going to give the performance yourself. Being a social butterfly and dabbing is fine and all, but could you maybe shift your focus from being the centre of attention—cause that should be the people performing—no?

Milan, listen to Raymon and tone down your over-enthusiasm by a couple of notches, and Priveer, please, oh please, listen to Deeya and start taking the show seriously. Start using the opportunity, which you almost lost. Deeya is right, this is not a platform for comedians and unless you really want to be known as the joke of the show, get it together. Let’s not forget how Srijan got voted out for doing what you two are doing. Had he focused more on playing the game by the rules, instead of telling others what to do and where they went wrong, he would have probably survived.

But let’s face it; Srijan was never roadies-material. He is meant for the entertainment industry and after yesterday’s Bollywood dialogue delivery, he should definitely start auditioning for Hindi films. What was it again? “Every dog has its day. If I come back I’ll show them who the hero is.” Hmm, I can’t wait to find out who the wild-card entry of this season will be.

Rise of another underdog

Srijan is right, every dog has its day. Yesterday, our underdog Barsha rose to a certain height in the show. While she didn’t score the most, she sure had the calm, composure, and focus of a real player. You go girl! I have started taking a real liking to her. We hadn’t had enough chance to see her perform or have an opinion about her until the last episode. But yesterday’s show gave us enough reasons to root for her. Ashmita, our wrestler lady, on the other hand, has to start paying less attention to how she looks and more attention to what she can do with her body strength. She could use this platform to set an example. She was this close to getting kicked out and if she doesn’t up her game soon, we all know she’s next in line to go home.

Well, Tejas and Srijan have said their goodbyes to the show. Our cutie, Anish, never fails to amaze us and if I’m not wrong he’ll probably make his way to the top. I really want Rabin to get out of his shell. And Richa, sweetheart, you have to show the world what you are made of. We love you, but love won’t keep you alive, not on Roadies—or anywhere really, sorry.

Published: 25-09-2018 08:50

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