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Himalayan Roadies: Five men, one goal

- Post Report, Kathmandu

Oct 9, 2018-

We all knew who was going home before we even moved on to this episode, didn’t we? What chances did the lone woman standing have against all these men? I do secretly wish she had stayed, she almost did. Truth be told, we have become so acquainted with our contenders, that almost every move has become predictable. I just knew our Ram-Laxman (Priveer and Milan) would pair up to give good competition to Richa and Rabin, the underdogs, and our most promising guys, Aayush and Anish, would effortlessly end up giving the best performance. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Friends and foes

I absolutely enjoyed last night’s immunity task. These tasks are getting tougher, better and more engaging by the episode. I love how they’re bringing out the best and worst in our contenders. We have already started putting our bets on our ‘tigers’ Anish and Aayush who did a brilliant job. I am a little surprised that Aayush agreed to pair up with his ‘rival.’ But everything is fair in love and war, and this is war.

Rabin and Richa make such a lovely pair of harmless people. They just mind their own business and somehow manage to make it to the vote-out list anyway. Rabin did a brilliant job, solving the riddles and sprinting to bring in the puzzle pieces. Had he paired up with someone else, he’d have a better chance at immunity. But what option did he have? Richa, with her confidence already low, gave her worst performance of the season yet. It’s almost as if she knew who was going home. Our lone woman completely lost it, didn’t she?

Milan and Priveer, the ‘overconfident’ guys had a much-due faceoff. Turns out our Ram-Laxman do have a sibling rivalry of sorts. Milan did a good job, right until he lost his temper. Priveer was all over the place. Oh Priveer, if only you had the patience to take instructions, think things over, and then pounce into action—you’d go a long way. You have already come far, but I doubt you are going to survive the next vote out, you almost didn’t this time.

Five men, one goal

Now, we only have five men in the show. If anything at all, I expect that the show will get more ruthless from here on. We need more drama. Rabin is a lone-wolf—the others will either be least bothered by his existence or collectively vote him out (given he doesn’t get an immunity). He holds no grudge and nobody is intimidated by him. I can’t wait to see how our Ram-Laxman will deal with their new-born issues. They have laid out their feelings against each other on the table for everyone to see. Milan doesn’t trust Priveer anymore, and the latter is hurt that his soul-brother thinks so little of him, he might as well turn things around in the next episode. As far as our  ‘tigers’ are concerned, they might play it square and fair, or they might do their best to kick the other one out. I’m guessing, they’ll go to the top, together, for a final showdown. But anything might happen. It’s a show that loves riddles and puzzles, twists and turns.

Published: 09-10-2018 08:52

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