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- Kishan Jha

Nov 7, 2018-

I am different; there is no doubt about that. If I look for answers in science as to why I am not like any other person, I will certainly receive complex information about what is coded in my genes. But what if I asked God the same question, how would he answer? 

I made you all different for all of you have something special to offer the world, and you are all my masterpieces, gifted with skills and talents, God might reply. And I would respond that the only special thing I seem to have gotten are my pimples. 

I’m on good terms with God. He is like a friend to me. He lets me know all my flaws and mistakes, while also showing me just how beautiful the world around me is. My mind lets me imagine things beyond its capability, as God has no restrictions.

Despite being someone who loves science, logic and reason, I believe that God is the answer to every question. The Big Bang Theory, if it’s true, needs the existence of God, as matter can’t be created out of nothing and that very dot that created the universe must have come from somewhere. The precise turning out of events that made life possible isn’t very probable. However, that comes with another explanation. According to string theory, we live in a universe that has no end and no beginning, and to every universe, there are parallel universe around it. It could very well be that in a parallel world, people breathe in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. After all, what we are doing is studying properties, and to every question, there are 10 more questions following it.

There is one important question that science can’t explain—what is our purpose in the universe?

For me, the reason is that God has a baby, and the baby needs entertainment and God created us to serve this purpose, like reality shows (more like soap operas though). One day, I might prove this theory. Now, whatever the conclusion is, God or no God, there’s one thing that no one can deny—our mind is no less powerful than God. He maybe imaginary, but our mind help us achieve the impossible. It brings us hope, and as JK Rowling says, “Just because it is inside your head doesn’t mean it’s not real.”

God gives us hope and science is the best medium to be used in the quest to find God and our purpose. 


Jha is a grade 12 student at Delhi Public School, Dharan



Published: 07-11-2018 08:16

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