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On his death bed

- Ujjwal Jha
Death was approaching and though unwilling, he was waiting on his death bed. To comfort himself, he mustered up courage

Nov 7, 2018-

An eternal darkness seemed to be rapidly spreading over his eyes. His hands and feet were shivering and his mind wandering aimlessly between the bridge connecting life and the after-life. Laden with fear, his emotional state was worsening with every passing second. Contributing to this fear was his loneliness; he was so lonely that he had never felt this helpless before.

Death was approaching and though unwilling, he was waiting on his death bed. In an attempt to comfort himself, he mustered up all remaining courage and told himself, “I can’t die yet. I have a lots of things to accomplish before my last breath. But again it’s said that time and tide waits for none and if it’s really my time of death then it’s inevitable. Maybe this is it. Having faith is one thing but false faith is another.” The doctor has already announced that his days were numbered and still, all that he could do to live his life was to lie on his death bed.

Maria, if only she was still living then he wouldn’t have felt so helpless. This is was his atonement for the sins he’d committed. “Maria, soon you and I will be together again,” he thought. “This death bed will be the bridge that connects our souls.” 

So, after all, the death bed wasn’t all that bad, at least for those who don’t have a reason to live anymore.


Jha is a grade 11 student at Trinity International College, Lalitpur

Published: 07-11-2018 08:16

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