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Buckle up, ladies and gentlemen

  • Now that the immunity tasks and vote out are over, Roadies is going to be all about performance
- Abha Dhital, Kathmandu

Nov 13, 2018-

The latest episode of Himalaya Roadies was all about last chances. The season has seen its last immunity tasks and last vote out. And we’ve lost our Cutie. We all saw that coming, didn’t we? This is exactly what we feared last week. Things are changing, the games are changing, and this was bound to happen. As the stronger contenders give in to fear, the initially weaker ones are pushing through, and rising from the ashes. So much so that, Deeya has started calling Tejas, ‘Phoenix’. To be honest, he does deserve that grudging ‘respect’ from the toughest judge. He has been giving his absolute 100 percent to the challenges and it shows. He really did beat the best to be the best on Monday. Who knew the guy who went home at least a couple of times would come back and reach the top. What’s better (or worse) is that he beat Anish twice—physically and mentally. Let’s face it, the chances are really high that Tejas, our good boy, will be among the top two roadies of the season. 

Anish, formerly the most promising contender (after Aayush), had been showing signs of weakness for some time now, and when he lost to Tejas in the ring, we just knew this was the end for him. I mean, there was some hope. He could have beat Tejas at chess. Our Cutie has always had this pattern after all—he performs terribly then he gets right back on his feet to show what he is made of. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen this time around. If there is one thing we have learned about Anish, it is that he is not built for mind games. He  did terribly on the quiz and then worse at chess. Though, thanks to his humility, we still love him. He was probably the hardest goodbye. 

Priveer has become the official second boy on Himalaya Roadies now. He does well, he is good, but he is just not the best. And it’s getting a little sad. Do we see him in the Top 2? I don’t think so. Tejas has crossed over to the ‘best contenders’ zone’ and Aayush hasn’t looked back once. Meen is a different story altogether. Her struggle is real. The judges didn’t let her inside the boxing ring, but she didn’t do so well in the other immunity task either. She went in last so she should have learnt from her contenders’ mistakes, but no. Her performance was everything that echoed hit and miss. 

Aayush never made many friends on this reality show, but he never failed to perform either. He has always known that immunity saves one when friends don’t. And now that the programme has absolutely no vote outs, he is the safest bet. Now that the show is going to be all about performance and only performance, I think we already have our top two. The question remains if Tejas will beat Aayush to the top like he beat Anish. That’s all I have to say.

Published: 13-11-2018 08:29

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