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Shortcuts to success

- Saroj Wagle

Nov 14, 2018-

When I first came to Kathmandu, it was a different place. Nowadays, I find corruption and ill practices everywhere in Kathmandu. I don’t understand why people are cheating others and indulging in such activities. 

Of course, everyone wants success in life. I too want to be successful but I do not want to achieve what I desire by taking part in practices that are evil and immoral, no matter what benefit they might bring me. The harsh truth, however, is that such practices are taking place everywhere. Ideals like sincerity, punctuality, faith, trust and commitment do not seem to feature prominently in the minds of Kathmandu’s residents. Such ideals matter a lot when you want to live a good life. 

What I want to impress is that people should not take the easy road to success. There can be consequences to such easy actions and they can invite trouble at the end of the day. 

On top of that, we human beings are guided by a higher level of consciousness even while using common sense rather than doing shameful acts. 

Let us not forget that Nepal is the country where Gautam Buddha was born. We should live and follow the example that he has set for the entire world. We Nepalis are known all over the world as friendly people, so let us not throw away our reputation in pursuit of short-sighted goals. 

It can be hard to live life the way we want to when we are marching towards life’s goals. Some people may then be tempted to use shortcuts to success. However, we should accept hard times and try to find the best options to relieve these painful times. In the case of Kathmandu, most people struggle to make ends meet here. But, at the same time, in the name of struggling, people are being cheated by others too. This needs to stop.

Finally, Kathmandu is a city where opportunities are waiting for us, if we just do the right thing at the right time. Therefore, people should be allowed to conduct meaningful work so the nation will proud of them, and the people themselves must take charge to do good work and avoid shortcuts to success.

Wagle is a recent BBA graduate of Pokhara University

Published: 14-11-2018 08:09

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