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Slow and steady wins the race?

  • With the last money task done, we are down to the final three Himalaya Roadies
- Abha Dhital, Kathmandu

Nov 20, 2018-

Monday’s episode saw the last money task of Himalaya Roadies’ second season. Apparently, the winner could have walked away with a total purse of Rs 2,000,000; but as fate would have it, the winner will only take home half that amount now. Tch.

Meen, the last woman standing, has left the show. She unfortunately had to, as the men were giving her tough competition. And like Deeya said, while Meen was good at cheering from the sidelines, her performance in the ring was never loud enough. Truthfully, she never exploited her wild-card-opportunity to the fullest.

Now we have three men contending for the title—Aayush, Tejas and Priveer. Boy Priveer almost got kicked out yesterday, but the judges, for whatever reason, decided to save him. Did that decision add any value to the show? I don’t know, because let’s face it, we already have our top two, don’t we? I don’t think Priveer is much of a threat to either Tejas or Aayush.


Aayush, while not the most lovable guy, is already a star. In the last money task of the season, he was running on saline (thanks to Banke’s heat) and yet, he managed to give the best performance in the shortest time among the four roadies competing. He needed to qualify for the finals, and deservingly so. Nobody seems as driven as him to take home that beast of a two-wheeler (Yamaha FZ) and the Rs 1,090,000 cash. Yet, we can’t really tell if Tejas will snatch the title away right from under Aayush’s nose.

Tejas has been doing well—so well—for the past few episodes now. And while we can tell that his confidence is building, he remains humble. By that token, he has managed to secure a soft spot in my heart. He scored the highest in the qualifying round, even as he performed laying on a bed full of nails. Quite literally.

It’s getting tougher by the episode to say who is going to be the next Himalaya Roadie. I have been placing my bet on Aayush since forever, but now I am not so certain. Good boy Tejas reminds me of the cool and calm tortoise from the ‘slow and steady wins the race’ story.

Like guest judge Karma said, the remaining contestants have come this far against all hurdles—physical, emotional, ‘political’—but what awaits is the biggest obstacle of all—uncertainty. Nobody knows what’s up next and whose cup of tea the next challenge will be. Let’s wait and see what the next episode has in store.

Published: 20-11-2018 08:09

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