To travel is to live

- Sumana Shrestha

Dec 1, 2018-

To fuel your soul, you must travel. Run to the places where only your feet can take you. Meet creatures along the way and listen to them whisper. Explore nature far from where all worries lie, just to sleep in her lap. Only then, can you dream with your eyes open.

Escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, take a sojourn to the majestic mountains, and take a puff of those vagrant white clouds beneath those gigantic captivating peaks. Dip yourself into clear blue waters and wander on rough, peaceful roads. The pleasure of travel is surreal.

Traveling is the force that enables adventure. The new comes alive, in people and places. Memories are made. You see the stories hidden behind the paths you’ve walked and every namaste you offered to people and their smiles. The joy of traveling is not limited to self indulgence—it lies in sharing and reliving those moments over and over again. You can never get over your love for the mountains that echo back your name, or the flowing rivers that quench your thirst, or the hands that shared their food with you.   

A busy life is always there, filled with its own astounding frivolities. But some days are not for the professional you—they are for the daring you, who is screaming inside to be let out into the wild. So unshackle yourself from work and pack your bags. There are countless adventures out there, just waiting to be experienced, countless moments waiting to be experienced.  

Photos: Raza Shrestha



 On the way to Tilicho.



 Mardi Himal.



 Tilicho, Manang.










Published: 01-12-2018 08:28

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