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In a prison

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Dec 15, 2018-

My conscience sits in a prison

it cannot breathe, cannot make a decision

My love,

she presses her fingers between mine

pretending to make our own little barrier

and tell each other we shall be fine

I tell her, they may call us trash

but this time will move on

and we no longer have to prove them wrong

my love,

she smiles and wraps me around her arms

like nothing can touch us, no pain or harms

They say love is pure,

then mine’s treated like a treason?

why can’t I love my goddess?

why is it beyond your reason?

my love,

she’s like a sunlight

a piece of heaven I can’t deny

how can something like that be a sin?

how can it be a lie?

oh my love,

she is truer than all the truths,

she runs throughout my veins

from my head to my roots

And yet,

my existence sits in a prison

and if they preach of nature,

then why for us just the cold winter every season?

I tell my love,

today our steps may be bleak

and in this darkness we may find ourselves weak

but my love,

someday we shall be out in the sun

and on the rainbows we shall ride

the universe shall stand witness

when we take vows to be each other’s bride

So, let their hearts sit frozen

and hope compassion will find a way

even though they keep them closing

my love,

we had a talk—me and my conscience

no more hiding for us,

call it my decision or defiance

my darling love,

don’t be shy now,

don’t live inside that veil anymore

cause you know I’ve been to hell and back

just to wait outside your door.

Published: 15-12-2018 10:06

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