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Dec 20, 2018-

Unlike yesteryear, students considering pursuing a Masters in Business Administration do not have to go around foreign universities, which are often expensive and at times inaccessible to many for varied reasons. The growing popularity of the degree is well reflected by the fact that the number of colleges offering the degree have increased like never before. Dozens of colleges are offering the programme with the affiliation from both domestic and foreign universities. On this backdrop, the Post interacted with the managers of some of the leading colleges in the Capital to learn what they have to offer to the prospective students. 



Narendra Kumar Shrestha 

Kantipur International College, Principal 


Pupils pursuing MBA at KIC enjoy privilege of ever-exceptional blend of academic and infrastructural excellence, hence, commanding then demonstrating the desired competence shall be no longer an uphill task to them. Plenty of skill-building workshops, project works, seminars, researches, internships, HR fairs, discussion series, mini-conferences, and industrial visits, besides regular ‘cases and article-reviews’ based classes, herald master skill and towering virtues on them. Being synchronised to policy of ‘ASK (Knowledge, Synthesis & Analysis) & I-4’ (Institute, Industry, Interface & Imitative)  bequeath them exponential ease to lead university examinations and benchmark on the market. By enhancing efficient managerial leadership, entrepreneur skills, and noble qualities solicited in competitive market, KIC transfigures those who get enrolled in the college.


Rajan Prasad Kadel

Excel Business College, Principal


The college is one of the specialised institutions in providing management education. Being the part of CG Holdings, a renowned conglomerate in Nepal, the graduates will have plenty of practical exposure. Similarly, the college is also closely working with other leading business houses, industries and governmental agencies so that students will get opportunities like case analysis, internships, networking and job placement. The students from the college get the learning opportunities even after the classes are over. The research-oriented teaching–learning methodology along with well-designed soft skill packages is well known in developing successful managers, business leaders, social entrepreneurs and academicians who can compete internationally. Along with the study, the students get exposure to different trainings to enhance their practical knowledge. 


LP Bhanu Sharma

Apex College, Principal


Apex MBA empowers students and professionals to become successful and effective leaders in the global market place. The programme is designed to equip students with knowledge, wisdom, capabilities and skills that enable them to reach responsible global positions in management. MBA isn’t just another master’s degree but a specialised course. At Apex the students are nurtured taking this fact into consideration. Generally, the experienced professionals are the target groups for the programme. But it has not been fully followed here which is one of the challenges to produce graduates as the course demands. Similarly, having studied in the environment where students weren’t asked to put much efforts, they tend to look for similar situation even at the MBA level. Furthermore, the fees the colleges are charging are enough to live up to the standard the course demands.


Ashish Tiwari

Ace Institute of Management, Principal


Though two decades isn’t a long time for an academic institute, the Ace has the largest MBA alumni with over 2,000 graduates who have been placed well in different sectors. Currently, 300 students graduate from the college completing one of three MBA programmes it is running. It has adopted a holistic approach to preparing students for further study, career and life. Ever since its establishment, the college is modifying the course with the changing pace of time. One size fits all theory doesn’t work even in the education sector as the attitude and personality of every student is different. To the extent possible individual students are dealt personally based on their need. Moreover, there are different cells within the college targeted at enhancing the learning environment for the students.


Mahendra Kandel 

The British College, Director


The British College offers internationally acclaimed UK degree in the local market at affordable fee. The MBA course was launched last year with a long-term vision that no sector in Nepal needs management professionals from abroad. The course offered by the college is designed in a manner that students acquire skills through applied learning of the British curriculum which gives them an edge on the Nepali job market and elsewhere. Good manager is a prerequisite for any business house or industry to prosper. New business and industries are adding which need qualified managers. The course is offered keeping in mind the human resource these new venture need. The major aim of the college is to produce adequate qualified managers who can contribute in the prosperity of the country. 


Pankaj Jalan 

Lord Buddha Education Foundation, Chairperson  


Lord Buddha is among the first colleges to introduce the foreign education system in the country. Starting MBA programme in affiliation from Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, Malaysia in 2014 was yet another step towards catering the need of Nepali students who want an international degree at their doorsteps. The programme offered by Lord Buddha is designed with focus on enhancing and enriching management and critical decision making skills, human resources management, strategy and entrepreneurial development skills. The teaching philosophy is that future business managers and leaders will be competing in global environment and need to be nurtured with tailored attention. Though Lord Buddha has left no stone unturned to ensure students learn and get the skills the programme demands. However, the tendency among some students to enroll in the MBA programme just for a degree is a challenge.


Dakshyata Shah

Islington College, Programme Director


The MBA progamme was started at Islington to give a platform for the bachelors graduates from the same college to mould them to competent managers. Along with imparting the knowledge, enriching the students with the problem solving skills is a focus at Islington. The MBA course has been designed and developed to provide students an opportunity to understand the global market and equip them with skills to expand Nepali business beyond borders. The college is moving ahead to produce competitive workforce that fits to the present century. An MBA student in Islington also gets a training opportunity under Alibaba Group, the Chinese multinational e-commerce company. They get e-commerce training at the University of Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC), the authorised e-commerce training centre of Alibaba in Thailand. 


Narottam Aryal 

Kings College, Executive Director


The college is providing an American MBA degree to the Nepali students at their door-steps. The same course the university provides in the USA is offered in Nepal but with some changes. The attempts are made here to localise the curriculum to the extent possible giving due focus to the partnership with the local community. The college believes the students must feel the sense of connection with their country when they take the course. Therefore, optimum use of the local resources is prioritsed while providing education. The need of the society changes with the time and that has to be well internalised by the educators.


Satyendra Upreti 

IIMS College, Deputy Director


The MBA is a professional degree which needs to go beyond imparting just what is in the curriculum. The college proliferates this specialty degree, helping our students  diversify and understand what the economy is doing and where businesses are 

moving. Any student wanting to get enrolled in the college has to go through 

rigorous interviews that would allow the college managers to understand a student’s strengths and weaknesses. The college provides individual guidance based on the evaluation. Efforts have also been made towards evaluating the changes in the students after completion of the two-year course. The fact that the college ensures placements of its graduates is a major factor why students choose IIMS.


Karan Thagunna 

Global College International, Principal


The MBA degree at the college is offered with the objective of producing entrepreneurs and enabling managers to take up the top managerial positions in any sectors. At Global College International students get multidisciplinary knowledge required to deal with various aspects of management along with specifics. The curriculum at every university is almost the same, therefore it all boils down to the point—how well the colleges deliver to the students. The delivery approach of the colleges and faculties are different. The college is always focused on preparing professionals capable to lead business enterprises, development projects and other initiatives in a more responsible and ethical manner. The college’s larger goal is to generate market specific human resources that fit to a particular sector.


Laxman KC

Presidential Business School, Executive Director 


The MBA programme, in Presidential College, is being run with an affiliation from Westcliff University which is reputed USA-based varsity that focuses on research and innovation. Along with the academic knowledge, skills and aptitude development are other focus of the college. The international curriculum designed at the university aims at producing globally competent managers and the entrepreneurs who create jobs for others. It’s futile to get the MBA degree if there is no transformation and changes in the student after graduating. In Nepal, very few people from engineering, health or science take the programme. This could be because colleges are just offering general courses ignoring the specific programme. Now it is high time to start specific courses for the industries or business houses. 


Ashok Raj Pandey

South Asian Institute of Management (SAIM), Principal 


The MBA programme SAIM provides gives exposure to global trends and management practices unlike other that deal more with decision-making tools and functional areas. The college has made no compromise in producing the excellent graduates to the extent it can. However, the education system of the country, which is exam centered, is a major challenge. Therefore, it is necessary that entire education system gets revamped.  The MBA degree demands both theoretical and practical competency. Internships provide the students with platforms to gain the practical knowledge. But, neither private nor public entities provide them proper environment to learn. Similarly, even if there are good researches done, they are dumped in the libraries without their right use. The country needs competent MBA graduates to prosper and it is the duty of everyone to create proper learning environment for the students.


KP Panta

Rajdhani Model College, Principal


The MBA programme in Rajdhani College provides students with opportunity to grow personally and professionally. The college provides students with an environment to carry study and career simultaneously. Besides academic proficiency, the college also focuses on boosting managerial competency. The programme is designed to meet the needs of working professionals who want to earn an MBA degree while on work. The course is equally useful for those looking for a challenging graduate business education that features experiential learning opportunities to the future business leaders. Working students bring professional perspectives to the classroom from a range of backgrounds that creates an ideal platform for interactions. Students enhance their learning through interactions among the working and non-working colleagues and faculty members.

Published: 20-12-2018 09:18

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