Here is your horoscope for January 5, 2019

Jan 5, 2019-

ARIES [March 21-April 19]

Your understanding will blossom into a new, more accepting, loving view of society and the world, Aries. This week will bring far travel, higher education, publishing/media ventures, cultural and philosophical interests, and legal involvements, all with a big spoonful of good luck! So pick one or two, and charge ahead. You might fall in love with someone who would make a good wedding partner. Your career and social standing are under pressure. Circumstances insist that you work hard, but when it’s time for reward everyone falls silent.


TAURUS [April 20-May 20]

A bright new world is opening up. During this time, you’ll be more nervous or stressed than usual, yet also more friendly and social, and more ambitious. The most important 7 years of your career progress begins now. The more social you are, the higher you’ll climb. A quirky person can be instrumental: befriend nerds and geniuses! Financially, you face huge good luck. Research, then follow your intuition. If you’re unemployed and relatively broke, invest in something to get to work.


GEMINI [May 21-June 20]

If single, you could meet one you will marry. Business, public dealings, fame, relocation, partnerships and negotiations favour you all year. If married adventure awaits you in distant places. Reach out, make contact in almost any sphere of life, others will respond with friendly cheerfulness, and might grant you something crucial to your success. However, be cautious with investments, life style changes, medical procedures, psychiatry, therapy, crime, unsavoury associations, lust and extra-marital temptations, secrets and “power corridors”.


CANCER [June 21-July 22]

There is a tremendous amount of work to be done and a tremendous amount of significance in relationships, especially business partnerships and love bonds. This week nudges you to deeply ponder your bonds and loyalties, what has been and what you want to be. Generally, it’s not a good week to commit yourself to a major relationship. Avoid anything extra-marital.  Bosses are critical and impatient but also are willing to promote you. Be eager, ambitious and not angry.Tuesday may shunt you into management spheres and closed-door meetings.  


LEO [July 23-August 22]

Romance in some form MUST visit you this week, Leo. If single, you could fall in love with a cheerful, hot-tempered, optimistic, impatient and idealistic person, just your type! This could be one of the (or the) most powerful sources of bliss in your life. If you’re not in the romance game, the same great fortune can enter your creative, child-raising, pleasure, speculative, sports, gaming or similar interests. One hint: dive in, don’t hesitate nor defer pleasure for a future day, grab it now.


VIRGO [August 23-September 22]

This is a week of foundations and the warmth of new security, Virgo. If you want to succeed, to grow your life and bank account, focus on your home, family, residence. Sell and buy real estate, especially your own. If renting, seek a better place and deal. Buy furniture, decorate or renovate, build a great new garden, hug the kids, walk, hike or paddle in nature. It’s a great time to “get back to the land,” as the hippies would say. Enhance security, build a fence or install CCTV.


LIBRA [September 23-October 22]

The general picture is fairly simple this week, Libra. On one side, you’ll feel restless, will likely engage in a series of short trips. On the other, your property or home will try to nail your shoes to one spot and will try to do this by creating problems in your domestic sphere. You’ll walk into a flurry of errands, communications, visits, paperwork, and many easy, quick chores. But something quite fortunate might arise from these errands, etc. Keep calm and see the game go on.


SCORPIO [October 23-November 21]

You might have worked on a project (or simply made plans) intended to fatten your wallet. That might just pay you off. Ask for a pay raise, seek better-paying employment, gather new clients, sell items, etc. You can find splendid bargains, but you feel generous, with a tendency to pay too much. Higher-ups are impatient, temperamental. Generally, your career/employment are in good shape. This is a good time to start your own business. However, on one level, love remains mellow.


Sagittarius [November 22-December 21]

Wow, this is your week, Sage! Your luck and confidence soar! Be realistic but not limited. You can succeed in almost anything you choose, and your success could expand beyond your expectations. You’ll probably travel internationally, attend school, write or publish, delve into a new philosophy or religion, attend cultural events and social rites, and embrace love, or of all humanity. In romance, casual amour ends now, letting you “revert” to ordinary, more passionate involvements.


CAPRICORN [December 22-January 19]

This is not your week to win big prizes or to attract fawning crowds. Instead, this year offers you a much-needed and deeply rejuvenating rest, a breathing space. Quietude comes easily.Use it to ponder your life. How did you get to this point, and where do you go from here? This process, though it might leave you wondering for awhile, will ultimately prove to be a good one, refreshing you, and bathing your life with newness. Brace yourself!


AQUARIUS [January 20-February 18]

It’s a wish fulfillment time that brings a buoyant boost in popularity, happy social gatherings, flirtations and light romance, entertainment and optimism about the future. One thing: your wishes and social events can conflict with your money situation. You might end many projects. Your attachment to home will swell; you might even change jobs, to draw your income from construction, real estate sales, food and shelter areas, forestry or mining or any Gaia-related activities.

PISCES [February 19-March 20]

Your career or employment, your status in life, meets very fortunate conditions. You’ll face at least two opportunities to move up. These chances to climb the ladder will likely come through your work, but some of you will move up by marrying, even by being “adopted”. However, don’t attempt to rise through social connections. If it happens, good; but if you pursue this, it will fail. Be cheerful, eager, hard-working and, above all, think big. That can be rewarding.

Published: 05-01-2019 08:48

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