Here is your horoscope for February 9, 2019

Feb 9, 2019-

ARIES [March 21-April 19]

Social delights, rising popularity, flirtations, entertainment, optimism and a joy in being alive! You are starting to receive favors or favorable attention from higher-ups. You’re in power, charismatic and effective. All goes well, so charge ahead. A sensual attraction could result in boudoir action. A talkative person catches your attention. Not the best time to interface with gov’t or administrative types. But overall this is an easy interval, with opportunities in law, education, publishing, cultural venues and far travel. Race ahead—luck’s good.

TAURUS [April 20-May 20]

Remain ambitious, Taurus. Deal with parents, bosses, authorities and VIPs — in general, they favor you. Your energy, charm, luck and sense of timing soar. Be a leader, start significant ventures.  Contact someone who is far away (Mon.). You might feel stress, stiff neck, etc. This is a “signal” nudging you to take up relaxation techniques. Success exists! Seek money. Pay bills, collect money, buy bargains, ask for a raise or cultivate clients, etc. Again, almost everything goes well. However, your money activities might snag on a pleasure foray.

GEMINI [May 21-June 20]

Gentle love has already begun stirring in your head, your thoughts and might be a dilemma if you’re single, as you are or will be (in 2019) faced with two suitors or prospects/ choices. Far travel, intellectual, publishing, cultural, philosophical/religious and legal “destinations” are favored. Your energy and charisma are low, so this isn’t the best time to chase romance or gambling wins. You might hear one last message, or have one last rush of hope, around a love. Your energy, charm, effectiveness and clout surge upward.

CANCER [June 21-July 22]

The mystery of life, the hidden nuggets, going into the tunnel to look for gold or treasure, this week’s like that. The “gold” can be sexual intimacy, research results, financial actions, medical actions, or lifestyle decisions. Most of these will demand commitment, and produce consequences. Could be good consequences; in fact, are likely to be so. Ambition steers your best actions. Delay launching new projects. Career surprises are possible. Your optimism, happiness and popularity get a wee boost. A job opportunity might arise.

LEO [July 23-August 22]

Relationships, relocation, opportunities, co-operation or competition, remain as your main themes this week. Have open, honest relationships. This isn’t the best time to start brand new alliances or bonds, as we’re at the end of a cycle which is same for legal, travel and publishing or educational choices. Soon, other prospects will enter, or a former love might return. . You might meet a person who makes your mind wander, and surrounds you in a pleasant atmosphere. Huge results are possible, but learn relaxation techniques.

VIRGO [August 23-September 22]

This is your last week of major chores and drudgery, Virgo. Your choice: you can either plod through or love your work and race ahead. But don’t race past financial, sexual or medical needs/requirements; these are like threads woven into your work rope. Be sure the electronic components are solid. You could experience a sudden attraction, powerful, sexual and erratic. Intellect, learning, foreign shores, media/publishing, statistics, and life’s bigger questions visit you now. Love is gentle, wide, rooted in mental and social harmony. Be ambitious.

LIBRA [September 23-October 22]

It’s your last week of “pure romance” for a while, Libra. If you’re single, there might be a last-minute marriage, a final choice at last. Better hurry if this is what you want, as the opportunity will flee on the cosmic wind. You’ll feel, be affected at a gut level by someone or some pathway. Now you can ponder — either ponder what just happened/is happening in love, or ponder a wider world. Far travel, education, media/publishing, culture and religion are in focus. Be ambitious. Higher-ups are watching. Show your mental talents, and pursue goals.

SCORPIO [October 23-November 21]

This week:  Is your last week of undue emphasis on your home, kids, security, garden, real estate, etc. Remain restful. Take a last, long look at your connections and projects—resolve to let go of the stale and embrace the growing. Communications are gracious, fortunate until March, esp. between spouses or partners. Be cautious around electricity. A possible surprise at work might be there. Not bad, not good, but an end of something and a “birth” of something, perhaps a new job role?

Sagittarius [November 22-December 21]

It’s your last week of “a bouquet of minor tasks.” Run errands, do paperwork, visit and call, peruse the media. It’s an easy but rushed time, and you’re getting a little tired of it. However, be assiduous, work hard to complete every email, call, contact, paperwork chore, as March will throw anything you haven’t finished into a fan that scatters everything. Buy a luxury item. A casual friend-cum-lover might loom large. The depths rise, your subconscious kisses the surface of your life.

CAPRICORN [December 22-January 19]

The focus remains on money, income, purchases, clients, memory and casual sex. Overall, this is a mellow, easy week, studded with a couple of surprises in the property, security and home/family arena. You’ll feel sweet about someone before this interval’s over. Love, self-expression, creativity, teaching children, risk-taking, claim your attention. Take up chores and protect your daily health with sensible habits and diet. Relationships arise, significantly. Be co-operative, leap on opportunities, contemplate (or engage in) relocation.

AQUARIUS [January 20-February 18]

Your energy and charm, clout and sense of timing remain high. Others admire you. Continue to lead, to push favorite projects. Your inner world, private life, and dealings with civil servants and “head office” workers will be gracious, productive until March. You’re starting to see, discuss ways of making money. At work, you might be discussing a large acquisition. These projects should be finished before March, as a slowdown and confusion loom in that month. Romance calls, if you’re single.

PISCES [February 19-March 20]

This is your last week of feeling slow, weary, burdened. Remain quiet; listen to your intuition/hunches. Meditate, ponder. Look at your life to date: how did you get here, and where do you want to go? Form plans. Deal with agents, advisors, psychics, civil servants. Above all, rest; recharge emotional, mental, physical batteries—you’re going to burst into action next week. A money opportunity might appear, must be grabbed quickly. A sudden money opportunity might occur.

Published: 09-02-2019 08:34

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