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  • This Valentine’s Day, cherish your loved ones with do-it-yourself surprises
- ABANI MALLA, Kathmandu

Feb 13, 2019-

You could pamper your loved ones with luxurious and expensive gifts this Valentine’s Day, but nothing would impress your significant other more than something you’ve fashioned with your own two hands. Although gifts are not a mandatory medium to express your feelings, they can be powerful if you decide to add your own touch to them.

Gifts can also represent something of significance about your relationship if you put in a little extra effort to customise them, rather than other generic items that can be easily purchased in gift shops. Handmade gifts have a personal touch to them and the effort attached to them ends up adding more value to your presents.

With Valentine’s Day just a couple days shy, it’s time to prepare for a special token of love for your partner.

To make this Valentine’s more special and memorable, the Post has assembled a few projects you can work on by yourself and with your partner.

Get ready to dip your hands into something that doesn’t just make your partner feel special on this occasion but will also help them cherish your memories whenever they look at these presents.

A very special zine

For anyone who’s a fan of putting their romantic memories into a journal, this can be its portable and gift-worthy alternative. To make your own zine, first, you require a few sheets of paper of your preference for a notebook. Here, two photocopy papers of the standard A4 size have been used. You can choose any kind of paper that meets your requirement. If you want to paint on the inside, make sure to opt for something thicker. Once you’re done assembling your paper, divide it into equal halves of two or four, depending upon your choice of the size of the zine. Here, the A4 sheets are divided into equal sizes of four. Arrange them into a booklet and stitch them together with a needle and thread. As you can see, your zine is already looking like a miniature book. It’s now time to fill it up. Go ahead and pour in your feelings—recall your memories and let them out in your own way. You can add doodles, words, pictures, or any significant little things related to your relationship that can be pasted (stamps, date movie tickets). It’s up to you to decide what and how you want to place them all. With the content filled up, your zine is ready for you to share with your partner and cherish as a mini book that holds your romantic memories.

Time capsule

Making a time capsule can be a good way to preserve your present and later, it can be interesting to look back on your relationship. For this project, collect your and your partner’s favourite things—pictures, bottle of perfume and other elements that remind you both of the days you are in. It can even be as simple as a packet of your favourite coffee—just look out for random little things that you can preserve for the future. Whatever you collect, your time capsule won’t be complete without a letter for your partner or even to yourself. Add both your letters to the collection and lock them up in a box that can fit them all. Decide on a time in the future to open it and put it in a secret place where your ‘treasure’ can be accessed later. It’s better and more fun if you bury it! It might not seem like a perfect gift right now but your future self will thank you for it.

A boxful of songs

If you have special songs to hum with your partner, this DIY Valentine’s day gift will remind them of your special notes even during your absence. First, collect a box or a bottle. Here, an Ilam tea box has been used. Begin by decorating it as per your taste. Here, the box has been decorated with a chain that has musical notes. You can either decorate it with similar light metal objects or surround it with wool and ribbons. Add extra decorations depending upon your need. Once you’re done decorating the outside, focus on the interior design. For instance, you can add tiny objects like seashells, paper balls and stars, or even shredded paper, like the one in the picture. After that, you can write the lyrics of your songs or poems on a tiny sheet of paper. Roll them up and secure them with a little tape, and they’re ready to put inside the box. To make the box look more special, you can also add a bow to the top of the box’s lid.

Photos: Abani Malla

Published: 13-02-2019 08:45

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