Here is your horoscope for March 16, 2019

Mar 16, 2019-

ARIES [March 21-April 19]

Your weariness and semi-solitude continue. This day starts a month of higher energy, charisma and effectiveness. If negotiations (or whatever) have not gone so well with the government or  another ‘faceless body’, wait until these bodies will treat you well. Remember, no new contacts, relationships or ventures right now. Remain wary of spending to month’s end. Creativity, a gamble, beauty and pleasure also soothe, bless you. A relationship could appear and climax (emotionally) either way, it hits romantic turbulence, but ends with affection.

TAURUS [April 20-May 20]

Keep enjoying life and love. Then a month of quietude, rest, spirituality and contemplation begins. There will be two good things about the month ahead 1) friends will be affectionate, and your love hopes remain buoyant; 2) more money will flow in. This week, a former ‘sexy’ friend might reappear, your sexual magnetism glows, your determination and confidence remain high, and bosses/parents remain affectionate, encouraging. Remember; avoid new relationships, projects and large purchases.

GEMINI [May 21-June 20]

Remember, don’t start any ventures, new relationships nor make major purchases. Career and other status or dealings with authorities pressures continue, but more mildly from Wednesday onward, as midweek starts a whole month of anticipation, social delights, optimism, flirtation/love, and bright prospects. However, some career and status questions linger, and remain puzzling or encounter small delays. Continue to protect yourself against needless violence, pushy people.

CANCER [June 21-July 22]

Your pondering and mellow wool-gathering, your intellectual and gentle love phase end in most respects. That day starts a pressure month of ambition, prestige relations, worldly standing and dealings with authorities. But your intellectual, gently losing streak will continue at a reduced pace. Right now, all these puzzle you, or are mired in delays: marriage, weddings or other rites of passage, school, far travel, insurance, statistics, legal affairs and love. Meanwhile, don’t start any new projects, relationships, and avoid large purchases. Everything’s good, benevolent, except what I recommended above.

LEO [July 23-August 22]

A month of mystery ends mid-week, to start a month of understanding. You move from the deep, dank walls of heavy concerns, sex, commitment, large finances and lifestyle decisions, to the light of compassion, a world view, and intellectual growth. However, those mysteries will hang on a little longer, whispering to you. Don’t start any new projects or relationships, nor buy anything significant. Until then, roughly, bosses will remain impatient and temperamental and others, your peers, will treat you with affection and grace.  

VIRGO [August 23-September 22]

Relationships have drawn, excited, and puzzled you for some weeks. The puzzlement continues and by then might finally yield a solid answer, decision. Mostly, these links and attractions have been open, honest, and upfront.  But Wednesday starts a month in which bonds will be private as either intimacy, or funding will be required. It’s an “all or nothing” month —either you embrace and contribute to this consequential commitment, or the link will wither. Some might face surgery. Research or detective work will fascinate you. Continue to avoid lawsuits. Co-workers remain affectionate, humorous.

LIBRA [September 23-October 22]

Ah, the slavery ends. A month of hard work and possible health complaints ends mid-week. These, work and health, plagued by delays and indecision so far in March, will shrink to become only minor concerns after Wednesday. Still, they’ll remain puzzling until early April. A relationship will end this puzzle. Wednesday starts four weeks of intense relationship dealings. Someone will likely want to marry you or form a working partnership if you’re already attached. None of this is pure before April. Until then, love is sexual and romantic, but not necessarily socially approved.

SCORPIO [October 23-November 21]

The romance lasts and then shrinks into a month of work and health concerns, dependents and machinery and service people. All month, especially this week and next, your work scene offers two different possibilities: a fight with someone, or a work opportunity. Which it will be, is a result of small destiny and your own approach. But that opportunity should have some connection to the past. Higher-ups still like you, so show off your hard work.

Sagittarius [November 22-December 21]

A down-home, child-security-nature oriented phase ends, although a smaller but significant streak extends into mid-April. This slender steak seems to want you to split with someone.  Trouble is that you can’t make a firm decision about an important link. Just be patient; what will be will be. Work remains intense, demanding this week and next. Thenstarts a month of romance, beauty, self-expression, creative and risk-taking urges.

CAPRICORN [December 22-January 19]

You don’t particularly like chit-chat, living on the surface, or hurried but inconsequential work. So you’ll be glad to know that only a few days remain of March’s flurry of errands, trips and calls. These have been necessary over past weeks, but have also been delayed, confused and yielded indeterminate results. You’ll be pruning, cutting out wasteful situations and links, and forming or welcoming new, budding ones. However, deal only with the past in everything. Your romantic, sexual courage remains high.

AQUARIUS [January 20-February 18]

Wednesday ends a month of focus, sensual attractions, memories and rote learning; and starts a month of errands, easy chores, communications, travel and paperwork. But those money and ownership concerns don’t completely disappear. That’s good, as March has not, and won’t, free your monetary interests from delays and indecision. Wait to start anything new, relationships, projects or major purchases. Your domestic scene continues to foment friction.

PISCES [February 19-March 20]

You remain energised, empowered, a leader, and the destination of many people’s gaze—until midweek. Wednesday starts a month of money, purchases, possessions, rote learning and sensual but perhaps boring attractions. You might feel frustrated that your high energy hasn’t led to big steps forward, delay on your part and others’ has stymied progress. You’ll remain indecisive—don’t make a major purchase nor start any new relationships or projects.

Published: 16-03-2019 08:33

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