Here is your horoscope for March 22, 2019

Mar 22, 2019-

ARIES (March 21-April 19)


If you’ve been waiting for a jump start to your social life, today brings good news! All signs point to a fantastic new beginning. Things might not be quite ready to move forward today, but they’ll start soon.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20)


It’s a funny thing about life: No matter how much you try to

prepare, plan and push things in a certain direction, you never really know where you’ll end up until you’re there. This uncertainty could disorient a lesser person.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21)


There’s always a lot of controversy surrounding workplace romances, but the bottom line is that you need to make the right decisions for your life. You know exactly what the best move is right now. You also know what your priorities should be, so follow them.

CANCER (June 22-July 22)


Your passions and personal interests are part of who you are—and part of what makes you special to other people. There’s nothing wrong with setting aside time to fulfill your own interests. It’s not selfish; it’s healthy. Unburden yourself of all outside pressures today.

LEO (July 23-August 22)


Around every corner today an amusing experience awaits! All you need to do is keep your curiosity sharp and hungry—and keep an open mind. Social ideas that don’t seem to be your style may offer the kick you’ve been looking for in life.

VIRGO (August 23-September 22)


Today offers you sudden, dramatic proof that someone has more influence over your life than you thought. Make no mistake—you’re independent, and no one is controlling you. But there are powerful figures that aren’t leading you in the most positive directions.

LIBRA (September 23-October 22)


Have you been feeling a little crowded lately, or under extra pressure? Your life has a lot of excess in it right now, which could be causing some of your stress. Therefore, it would be a very smart move for you to get out your scissors and cut some things.

SCORPIO (October 23-November 21)


Whatever heavy load you’ve been carrying on your shoulders is lightened significantly. You’re entering a time of great freedom, which could be both a blessing and something of a curse. Yes, you can let go of any unpleasant assignments without any guilt.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21)


Today remember that there’s no rule that says only fast-paced lives can be interesting. Just because your phone isn’t ringing off the hook or your email inbox isn’t filled near capacity on an hourly basis doesn’t mean that you don’t have it going on.

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19)


Your ability to be objective is something that the people in your life value. But today, when a feuding pair wants you to jump in and judge a situation, it’s in your best interest to avoid being in the middle.

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18)


If you feel like you’re backed into a corner today, don’t budge and don’t panic. You don’t have to go any further if you’d rather not. There’s no way anyone can make you do something you don’t want to do—and that’s something to remember, especially today.

PISCES (February 19-March 20)


Right now, the cast of characters in your life is incredibly entertaining, so put together some sort of social event to help you enjoy it. Choose something low-maintenance that enables you to stay with your people the whole time. Skip hosting a party.

Published: 22-03-2019 08:11

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