Frustrated Naya Shakti leaders hand over memorandum to Bhattarai

  • The disgruntled group seeks better internal democracy for developing the newly formed Samajbadi Party into an alternative political force

May 9, 2019-

Three days after the unification with Sanghiya Samajbadi Forum-Nepal, dozens of Naya Shakti Party-Nepal leaders have expressed serious concerns over a number of issues including the internal democracy in the new party.

On Monday, organising a grand function at Pragya Bhawan at the heart of the Capital Baburam Bhattarai of Naya Shakti and Upendra Yadav of Sanghiya Samajbadi Forum had declared the merger of their parties to form the Samajbadi Party Nepal. However, a number of crucial leaders had skipped the function as they were not satisfied with the way the merger process.

“The lack of internal democracy in the party was our major concern, but there are several other issues we have to discuss with Bhattarai,” said Devendra Parajuli, one of the secretariat members of Naya Shakti. “We just presented our concerns today [Thursday] and will discuss with him in length soon.”

Actually the leaders, who had joined hands to make Bhattarai’s dream of developing a new force a reality, were frustrated after they landed on the same territory which they had abandoned after the promulgation of new constitution in search of a ‘clean’ political force. “What’s the use of being in Samajbadi Party when it is not much different from the Nepal Communist Party, which we had abandoned years ago?” one of the disgruntled leaders questioned, requesting anonymity considering the sensitivity of the matter.

With the developments for Bhattarai, who is now a ceremonial head with all the executive powers of the Samajbadi Party vested in Yadav, it has been a bad start with around two dozen leaders expressing discontent over a number of issues.

As many as 18 leaders, including a member of the Naya Shakti’s expert team Madan Rai; standing committee member Parajuli and Kalpana Dhamala, who supported Bhattarai in all his endeavors; Ramrijhan Yadav, one of the founding members of both Naya Shakti Party and Sanghiya Samajbadi Forum; Ram Bahadur Bohora; Sonam Singh Syangtan; Gyanendra Kumal; among others, handed over a memorandum to Bhattarai on Thursday.

When the leaders had met the chairman of federal council of the newly unified Samajbadi Party, Bhattarai had questioned them whether they had started a new faction within the new party and had requested not to take the issue to the media. However, the leaders turned down his request.

“All the complexities that have surfaced in the unified party will be gradually resolved,” Parajuli quoted Bhattarai as saying in response to their memorandum.  

The disgruntled group has expressed serious concerns over the lack of discussions on the political documents of the unified party in the central committee. The leaders have accused Bhattarai of finalising the crucial issues alone. They have also said the chairman of the federal council should administer oath to the chairman of central committee.

After many of his co-workers abandoned him, Bhattarai had decided to lean on a party with a stronger organisational base. However, even after the merger, Forum leaders have continued to abandon the party.

Central committee member of the erstwhile Naya Shakti Party Shima BK joined the ruling Nepal Communist Party on Wednesday.

The discontent leaders said they would fight within the unified party to establish the five pillars they developed to become an alternative party—national independence, prosperity, good governance, integrity and inclusive democracy.

“We want the new party to ensure more transparent lifestyles of its leaders compared to other parties, better internal democracy in decision making and clear policies and plans,” said Gyanendra Kumal, a discontent leader.

Published: 10-05-2019 07:00

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