Stories By 'Bibhuti Shah'

You and I

Bibhuti Shah, Feb 13 2019

You were a free falling featherSwaying in the September breezeWhich I had watched from a distance,Smiling,
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Bibhuti Shah, Sep 19 2018

I knew she had always been beautiful. From the toothless Marie to the braced punk kid to the lip blushed lips Marie, she always possessed a different kind of grace, that set her apart. She could captivate anyone. But, when I saw her it was the lip blushed lips Marie.
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Bibhuti Shah, Aug 29 2018

The loud Azaan made its way into Jannat’s room in an attempt to rouse every single atom and molecule. Jannat struggled to open her eyes as she sluggishly fished for her watch. The space under her pillow was a vast pool of her belongings. “Where did I keep it?” by now, Jannat was wide awake.
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