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Judicial reform

DAWN, Oct 15 2018

The judicial activism of Chief Justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar can and has divided opinion in independent legal circles, but on occasion the chief justice does speak frankly to his institution in a manner that few other jurists have done.
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Fighting rape

DAWN, Oct 09 2018

In a year when a global reckoning of sexual violence has taken centre stage, two brave activists—a young Iraqi-Yazidi woman forced into slavery by the Islamic State and a Congolese gynaecological surgeon—were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for fighting to end the use of rape as a weapon of war.
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Online security

DAWN, Oct 01 2018

More than 50m users of Facebook have been affected by a security breach, according to the company, and many others have been logged out of their Facebook accounts—leaving them unsure whether their data has in fact been breached or if Facebook has simply taken precautionary measures, including turning off certain features for some accounts.
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Rohingya horrors

DAWN, Sep 24 2018

After last year’s deadly crackdown on the Rohingya community in Myanmar, mass atrocities were committed, including sexual violence and murder, which led to the displacement of over 700,000 people who escaped to neighbouring Bangladesh.
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A new annual UN report, State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World, warns that global hunger is rising to alarming levels last witnessed a decade ago.
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The number of women—and men—being killed in the name of ‘honour’ keeps rising at a disturbing rate in this country.
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