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Nuclear concerns

DAWN, Dec 13 2017

Accepting the Nobel Peace Prize on Sunday, the executive director of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (Ican) warned that “the deaths of millions may be one tiny tantrum away”.
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Freed from blame?

DAWN, Dec 05 2017

Six and a half years after the lethal raid on Abbottabad, former US president Barack Obama has come up with a statement that vindicates the position maintained by Pakistan:
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Following the rapid ascent of Mohammed bin Salman to the second-most powerful position in Saudi Arabia, a series of unprecedented changes have occurred in the desert kingdom.
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The strategic rivalry between the US and China means the latter’s Belt and Road initiative is unlikely to be looked on with great approval by any US administration.
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Hate unbound

DAWN, Oct 03 2017

The juggernaut of hatred in the name of faith is spreading. It is hounding the Rohingya Muslims as they flee Myanmar in various directions to escape ethnic cleansing.
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Rohingya crisis

DAWN, Sep 12 2017

While clashes between Myanmar’s Muslim Rohingya population and its Buddhist majority have occurred off and on for the past several years, this time the scale of violence and the world’s response to the situation have been unprecedented.
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