2018 The Year of Promises

Restoring Maru Satta: (Kasthamandap)

The Metropolitan Police Range at Hanumandhoka is filled with wooden structures salvaged from the Kasthamandap, known locally as Maru Satta: after it fell during the 2015 earthquake.


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NYE Time out

Live performance by the Innov8 BandInnov8 is one of the few Nepali bands that still adhere to the alternative rock genre. The band is performing to “say hello to the New Year” at SASAA The Newa Restaurant in Kirtipur on January 1. The band will be in action from 2 to 6pm.

Dec 31 2018

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Speaking out and aloud

In October, Rashmila Prajapati and Ujjwala Maharjan took to Facebook individually to accuse former Kathmandu Mayor and former minister of Province 3 Keshav Sthapit of repeatedly sexually harassing them.


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Year of the personality

Kitaab publishers, a publication house in Kathmandu, recently came out with two new books -- Biman Bidroha: Euta Rajnitik Apaharan Bayan, an autobiography by freedom fighter Durga Subedi, and Aghori, an anthology of stories by Rajendra Parajuli. Both books sold well but it was the autobiography that did exceptionally well.

Bibhu Luitel, Dec 31 2018

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Pokhara tourism ends 2018 with a bang

The year 2018 proved to be a banner year for Pokhara when the lake city welcomed nearly 30 new hotels, and the number of overnight visitors jumped to more than a million. Hotels have not only proliferated, their revenue has hit record highs.


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Promoting consent, discussing dissent

In 2012, the British-Indian novelist Salman Rushdie was scheduled to appear at the Jaipur Literature Festival.

ABANI MALLA, Dec 31 2018

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A landmark labour deal marred by delay

In May 2018, the newly appointed Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security Gokarna Bista vowed to make sweeping reforms in the foreign employment sector.


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ANFA follows its erstwhile regime’s footsteps

Seven months since Karma Tshering Sherpa took the reins of the All Nepal Football Association as its new President, the hopes of Nepali football fans gradually appear to wither away as the ANFA leadership follows its erstwhile Ganesh Thapa’s regime against which it vehemently fought for.

Ritesh Rijal, Dec 31 2018

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Time ripe to cashin on ODI status

Nepal marked the greatest year of its sporting history by earning the coveted One Day International (ODI) status, 22 years after the country was introduced to world cricket.

Adarsha Dhakal, Dec 31 2018

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Nepali cinema’s identity crisis

Rajesh Hamal and Nikhil Upreti might have been replaced by Dayahang Rai and Anmol KC but the Nepali film industry continues to suffer from a seemingly incurable identity crisis.

Timothy Aryal, Dec 31 2018

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Nepal bets on home advantage

Amid concerns of its ability to host the biannual event in 2019, Nepal still expects taekwondo and karate to deliver better results from at least last edition (2016) in India, where it could only claim three gold medals. Nepal was billed as the martial arts powerhouse ever since it struck 28 gold medals—14 each in karate and taekwondo--during the 1999 Games on home soil. It was the same year, eighth edition, both taekwondo and karate made debuts in the south asian meet as Nepal finished second with 31 gold behind the undisputed table-topper India, who struck 102 gold.

PRAJWAL OLI, Dec 31 2018

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Trust deficit hinders online marketplace

Internet shopping is certainly popular. This is because consumers can purchase products from all over the world by using their smartphones and computers. With just a few clicks, consumers can have anything they want to be delivered straight to their door. But this is for people who live in developed countries. For people in developing countries, shopping online is still a huge challenge.


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Capital Market

Nepal’s capital market welcomed 2018 in an upbeat mood with a 44.22-point jump in the Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) index on January 1. The optimism came from the election results that gave a huge mandate to the then UML-Maoist (Centre) alliance that campaigned on a prosperity and stability plank.

Rajesh Khanal, Dec 31 2018

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Nepal is the new market

More people are visiting Nepal than ever before. International tourist numbers have doubled in less than a decade, and more Nepalis are setting out to explore the domestic turf. All this is good news for Nepal’s tourism, but issues remain. In 2018,


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Mayor, Mayor, on the Wall

Hopes were high in 2017 when Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) got its first elected mayor in 15 years.

Anup Ojha, Dec 31 2018

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Enough power, not enough power lines

Nepal marked 2018 with the completion of the Chameliya Hydropower Project, one of the most delayed infrastructure projects in the country. The execution of the 30 MW project in the far western region a decade after its construction began came as welcome news for Nepalis.

BIBEK SUBEDI, Dec 31 2018

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Swinging for the fences—and striking out

KP Sharma Oli came in as prime minister amid high hopes for Nepal’s foreign policy. Oli’s rhetoric had been bombastic, promising a revision of Nepal’s relations with its immediate neighbours India and China, along with the countries that receive Nepali labour and other important actors like the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union.

ANIL GIRI, Dec 31 2018

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Incidents of rape and violence against women and children are sadly common place in Nepal. Every other day, newspapers report stories about young girls and women subjected to sexual violence and murder.

NAYAK PAUDEL, Dec 31 2018

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Wiring change

Digital Nepal, one of the decorated initiatives of reigning government, is not an entirely new vision in governmental discourse.


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Status: Loading

There is an unintended paradox in Nepal’s basic position of equidistant foreign policy. Whatever Kathmandu’s position on its relationships with our two neighbours, the interactions of those who live on our borders will remain constant.

Amish Mulmi, Dec 31 2018

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Laying solid groundwork

During the two-day review of health sector programmes held on 17th and 18th December by the Ministry of Health and Population and various development partners, Nepal’s progress against the National Health Sector Strategy (NHSS) targets and the annual work plan for the fiscal year 2074/75 were addressed.

Sudha Sharma, Dec 31 2018

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Looking back, marching forward

Enter week 45. That’s how long the KP Oli-led government with the largest governing majority has been around for. In the context of an agrarian society like ours, 45 weeks is more than enough time to plant and harvest rice, wheat, maize or any other crop.

BHOJ RAJ POUDEL, Dec 31 2018

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Birth pangs of Naya Nepal

When Province 2 Assembly endorsed its Provincial Police Act on October 13 without waiting for the Federal Police Act, the reaction from those in Kathmandu’s corridors of power was strong and swift.


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Revolution within the communist party

It was a rare incident in 21st-century world politics that a communist party got hold of the state machinery through a democratic exercise in Nepal last year.

TIKA R PRADHAN, Dec 31 2018

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Disappointing Oli

2018 started on a high note. Putting an end to decades-long political instability, the people voted in a strong government. The left alliance, which went on to form the Nepal Communist Party (NCP),

Binod Ghimire, Dec 31 2018

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Promises kept and broken

Following last year’s successful completion of a three-tiered election, 2018 began on a hopeful note—with a heap of neatly-packaged promises.

Dec 31 2018

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