If democracy subverts itself

An old-fashioned Marxist sobriquet for democracy we pine for and are frustrated by in turn is ‘bourgeois democracy’. Another word for it, which suits the Western palate more readily since the fall of the Soviet Union, is ‘free markets democracy’. For most purposes both are one and the same thing in usage, not too different from, say, cosmonauts and astronauts. Allende, Mosaddegh and Bhutto were among those who felt the direness of the definition.

JAWED NAQVI, Oct 11 2018

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No free lunches in fund-raising

Pakistan has foreign exchange reserves for less than two months of imports. It immediately requires $12 billion as a bailout to clear pending dues. The IMF has recommended stronger measures to be adopted by Pakistan to restore its financial status.

HARSHA KAKAR, Oct 11 2018

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A vibrant workplace for happier employees

Illumination from the fluorescent lights fails to reach the cubicle at the end of the room as a girl leans over her laptop. She’s scribbling over her notebook and she can only hear the faint sound of rain hitting the window. Suddenly, she feels her chest tighten as she looks at the clock ticking above her. She tries to distract herself by looking around, but now she feels distant from everyone around her and finds herself unable to breathe properly. The faint light turns dark and she sits in the corner, unable to move.

RAIDA AK REZA, Oct 11 2018

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The untapped

THERE have been demands from time to time that Prime Minister Imran Khan should ‘mobilise’ the people to implement his socioeconomic agenda. The idea is sound, except that a people can be mobilised basically in a totalitarian society, while democracies have other, better tools.


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The rules of a shout and the dangers of a murmur

In a world where Martin Luther King was declared as “the most dangerous hero” by the FBI two days after his “I Have a Dream” speech, in a world where Muslims are often viewed as perpetually guilty, in a world where journalists are jailed for doing their job,

RUBANA HUQ, Oct 04 2018

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Gandhian development

In Mahatma Gandhi’s opinion, sustainable development is economic development based on ecological principles like environmental harmony, economic efficiency, resource (including energy) conservation, local self-reliance, and equity with social justice.

JAYDEV JANA, Oct 04 2018

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The following is a translation of the Henshu Techo column from The Yomiuri Shimbun’s Sept. 8 issue.

Sep 27 2018

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800m South Asians at risk

The impact of climate change is on the rise and no part of the world is immune. South Asia, home to one of the world’s poorest and hungriest populations, emerges as especially vulnerable.


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How to approach the Rohingya issue

It is quite evident that Bangladesh will be playing a prominent role at the 73rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) this year since the Rohingya crisis will be one of the dominating agendas for not only Bangladesh but also many other countries.


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Terrified of television

If you want to experience an avalanche of unpleasant visual phenomena, all you need to do is turn on the television. As I write this, three-quarters of the screen is devoted to a speech being given by the leader of the opposition in the National Assembly. Every now and then the camera pans across the meeting or focuses on the speaker of the National Assembly, who sits bored and unshaven atop his perch.

RAFIA ZAKARIA, Sep 27 2018

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War without end

The war in Afghanistan is dragging and one does not know when and how it is going to end. At present, the Taliban insurgents are upbeat and the Afghan army is becoming increasingly demoralised and crestfallen. Recently, the Taliban fighters launched a sudden attack on Ghazni, and occupied the city centre.

SANKARSEN, Sep 20 2018

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Rethinking diaspora’s role

Are developing countries under-utilising a wealth of diaspora resources? Can more be done with diaspora capital, expertise and connections?


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A failure of humanity

Adecade ago, world-renowned psychiatrist and medical anthropologist Arthur Kleinman termed the standard of mental healthcare across the world a ‘failure of humanity’.

ASMA HUMAYUN, Sep 20 2018

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