Stranded in a foreign land

It is believed that there are more displaced persons in the world today than at any other point in history. According to the UNHCR, there are 68.5 million people around the world who have been forcibly displaced from their home.


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Silencing voices of scribes

Eminent journalist and editor of Rising Kashmir Shujat Bukhari was gunned down in the heart of Srinagar just as the central government was mulling whether or not to extend the ceasefire that was ordered during the month of Ramzan.

ARATI R JERATH, Jun 21 2018

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Defiant states

Since the end of the Cold War, most states have accepted a world order run by the US and the Western alliance. The number of statesdaring to defy Western wishes regularly has steadily dwindled as the cost of defiance has increased hugely.

NIAZ MURTAZA, Jun 21 2018

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Horses of the same stock

There is only a difference of shade among the political parties participating in the electoral race. It is not a battle of ideas or even of political values. It is an obscenely crude power struggle among the vested interest groups that have dominated Pakistan’s political scene. Notwithstanding a few exceptions, the candidates pitched by the mainstream political parties are horses belonging to the same stock.

ZAHID HUSSAIN, Jun 14 2018

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Nature and human demand

All of us are dependent on nature for our sustenance--food, shelter as well as recreation or amusement. Certain needs are natural and biological, and some are socially acquired and artificial. The phenomenal advancement of science and technology has fulfilled a large measure of human needs; it has also generated new needs and improved ways to satisfy them.


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A historic moment

Whatever may be the details of the deal signed between President Trump and Chairman Kim, both the two leaders (along with Moon Jae-in of South Korea and others) must be congratulated for what can only be a deal that is good for peace. The deal provides great relief for the people of Asia, and as Bangladeshis, we too sincerely welcome this encouraging development.


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US should move forces in Germany to Poland

Poland is willing to spend $1.5 billion to $2 billion to entice the US to build a permanent military base there, according to a Defense Ministry proposal. The plan offers a strong incentive for the US to consider moving at least some of its forces from Germany, especially since the current deployment makes little military sense.

Jun 07 2018

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Doing the dishes

From the outside, Sweden looks like the most equal country in the world. What men do, women do as well. The streets of Sweden’s cities are full of both of them; they ride their bikes to work, they push children in strollers, they do groceries, they work in banks and they work in construction.

RAFIA ZAKARIA, Jun 07 2018

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A year after the withdrawl

A year has passed since President Trump announced that the United States would formally withdraw from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. What has happened since has been a mixture of good and bad—but on the whole, more good than bad.

Saleemul Huq, Jun 07 2018

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In deception we trust?

I loved Morgan Freeman. Somehow, that beard and that skin always used to give off a sincere feel. Having a penchant for films that address afterlife, watching Freeman has always been hugely entertaining. I remember a particular scene where it opens with a janitor wiping the floor, followed by the same man becoming an electrician coming down from the ladder and then, soon after, changing out of the working clothes. Suddenly, the Boss had appeared. And out came Morgan Freeman playing God in Bruce Almighty meeting Jim Carrey.

RUBANA HUQ, May 31 2018

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Police reforms

THE chief justice of Pakistan’s recently constituted police reforms committee (PRC) is a milestone in the politics of police reforms. Traditionally, reforms were born of mutual understanding between ruling classes and police top brass, with public consultation as the least of their priorities. Since 1947, there have been 21 reports on recommendations that were rarely implemented. In the face of serious internal security challenges, this lack of political ownership has greatly impaired public safety in Pakistan.


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The Shanghai Model-II

According to Derek Grossman, senior defence analyst at the non-profit, non-partisan RAND Corporation of USA, Beijing may not have even wanted India to join the SCO.

Pk Vasudeva, May 31 2018

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The new normal

The recent heat wave warning for Karachi has brought back sad memories of the deadly summer of 2015. On Friday, the Pakistan Meteorological Department predicted that “very hot weather will continue to prevail in Karachi for the next five to six days with day temperatures ranging from 40 degrees Celsius to 43°C”. With more than one heat wave alert issued, Pakistan’s largest metropolis seems set for another scorching season.

Ali Tauqeer Sheikh, Bilal KhalidMay 24 2018

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