To be or not to be

The CPN-UML and the CPN-Maoist Centre had planned to formally announce their unification on 22 April, but differences have emerged in the process. It now seems unlikely that the two Communist parties will merge as scheduled. The main reason underlying these difficulties is the insecurity felt by the CPN-MC, and particularly its Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal.

Apr 19 2018

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Constant supply

Nepal’s economic growth potential is undoubtedly hampered by its reliance on fossil fuel imports and its landlockedness, both of which raise costs of production. Still, if there is one thing that keeps Nepalis eternally optimistic about the country’s future is its supposedly massive hydro-power potential.

Apr 18 2018

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Don’t drag feet

Nepalis indeed have a short memory. Barely six months have passed since a massive fire broke out at the Birgunj-based Super Gas, a cooking gas bottling plant, killing three, injuring one and posing a severe threat to people living in the area. But plans to minimise the number of such accidents are in limbo, as the government has not been able to implement its own directives on upgrading safety measures at gas bottling plants.

Apr 17 2018

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Is something brewing?

The government’s proposed National Integrity Policy has attracted a great deal of attention. It envisages far-reaching measures for the management of international and domestic NGOs.

Apr 16 2018

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Crossing point

Human trafficking, particularly of women and children for forced and exploitative labour including sexual exploitation, is one of the most egregious violations of human rights.

Apr 13 2018

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Opening the market

The existence of syndicates and cartels in almost all fields of entrepreneurial activity has hampered economic growth and posed major challenges to the population.

Apr 12 2018

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Pipe dreams

Nepal is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of fresh water resources. Due to our gradient topography, Nepal’s water resource also has great hydropower generating potential. Yet the Capital’s denizens do not have access to enough water and, until recently, load shedding was the norm.

Post Report, Apr 11 2018

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Watch out

Savings and credit cooperatives that have made speculative investments in stocks in the hopes of making quick bucks are on the verge of going bust as share prices have plunged in the last few months.

Apr 10 2018

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Good start

In his much anticipated visit that started on Friday, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli was received with much fanfare in New Delhi. In interviews before his visit, Oli had said that Nepal would assert its sovereignty and adopt a foreign policy independent of India.

Apr 09 2018

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Rape culture

When social ills become a festering, cancerous problem the hope that society will come to slowly eradicate them becomes a pipe dream.

Apr 06 2018

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Drawing the line

The House of Representatives (HoR) endorsed the Health Profession Education Act, which the President had previously issued as an ordinance, on Tuesday. This was a relatively uneventful event.

Post Report, Apr 05 2018

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