Street trade and social justice

Street trade is an important source of income and employment. Almost a decade ago, Kathmandu’s former Mayor Keshav Sthapit had recommended allocating separate spaces for street vendors, who create problems for pedestrians and vehicles by encroaching upon footpaths and roads but nothing has come out of it yet.

Jun 19 2019

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Here comes the sun

As monsoon is delayed, the temperature is soaring across the country. Cities in the Tarai are already reeling under record high temperatures with hot air blowing in from the Indo-Gangetic plains of north India and Pakistan—a condition similar to a heat wave.

Jun 18 2019

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Opaque government

At a time when the government is facing widespread criticisms for attempting to curtail freedom of expression and the free press, and generally attempting to push through regulations and laws in an authoritarian manner,

Jun 17 2019

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Intimidation game

On June 7, 2019, the police arrested comedian Pranesh Gautam for a satirical video review of the film Bir Bikram 2. Acting on a complaint from the filmmaker Milan Chamling ‘Chams’ Rai, Gautam was taken into custody under the controversial Electronic Transaction Act.

Jun 13 2019

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End the slavery

It has been almost six years since an expose%u0301 by The Guardian revealed to the world the human rights violations and slavery-like conditions that migrant workers—many of them Nepali—suffered at the hands of Qatari employers.

Jun 12 2019

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Journalism thrives on integrity, not shortcuts

Recent decades have seen a sea change in journalism. The advent of digital media has meant that the way news is covered, reported, written and disseminated have all changed significantly.

Jun 07 2019

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Shine on

It has come to light that electricity has reached 95.5 percent of Nepal’s population. This is a remarkable achievement; one that puts the country well ahead on its plan to provide access to 100 percent of the population by 2030.

Jun 06 2019

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Making sense of the money

Nepal has made notable progress in reducing poverty over the years. A lot of credit goes to the money received as remittance.

Jun 05 2019

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Fragile enterprise

In the recent budget speech, the government announced plans to revitalise sick industries by tying the private sector, cooperatives and itself in partnerships in order to achieve an ambitious 8.5 percent economic growth in the next fiscal year.

Jun 04 2019

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Dishonest intentions

A few months ago, in February, the Australian Skills Quality and Authority (ASQA)—the regulatory body for the vocational education and training sector

Jun 03 2019

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End cronyism

Reports that the committee formed to nominate new members to Nepal’s transitional justice bodies has been withholding its nominations waiting for major political parties to forge a consensus in sharing portfolios is disheartening, to say the least. V

May 31 2019

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