Bridge the gap

Disparity between public and private schools a reason for falling grades of students in SEE

Jun 25 2018

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Grass for thought

Rani Pokhari’s sorry condition calls the KMC to move beyond just paying lip service

Jun 22 2018

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Disaster preparedness

Govt’s decision to focus on readiness as much as response a welcome move

Jun 21 2018

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Foul and contaminated

Govt should tighten the Food Act and take strict actions against the perpetrators

Jun 20 2018

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All is not well

Lack of co-ordination among ministries not a good sign for the government

Jun 19 2018

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The India connection

An agreement reached between Nepal and India to open four new air entry points has come as welcome news.

Jun 18 2018

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The old party’s new test

Since performing poorly in the election last year, the Nepali Congress has been a party in disarray. It has been unable to reform its party structure to enable the rise of young talent. And it has not been able to play the role of a strong opposition either, much to the disappointment of those who want to see the main opposition put a powerful government on a constant vigil. Rather, the NC seems deeply insecure about its current position and its ability to challenge a government that has over a two-third majority in parliament.

Jun 15 2018

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How to stay on track

Oli govt could have asked UN DPA for a drawdown, but with greater finesse

Jun 14 2018

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Bad blood continues

To banish Chhaupadi, besides having a new law, we need to change our behaviour

Jun 13 2018

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Bulldozing Batuk Bhairav

This week was marred by yet another flashpoint for heritage conservation. As part of an expansion drive for the Lagankhel-Satdobato road, the boundary wall of the revered Batuk Bhairav Temple in Lagankhel was bulldozed over, despite protests from locals and heritage activists.

Jun 12 2018

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War of narrative

Monitoring is important but govt should not view all I/NGOs as competitors to the state

Jun 11 2018

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