Between rock & hard place

The National Planning Commission (NPC), the apex body that frames the country’s development plans and policies, has recommended that the government shelve its plan to graduate from the Least Developed Country (LDC) category on non-income criteria for the time being.

Feb 20 2018

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Finding satisfaction

If you take some time to observe this world and the people living in it, you will find that no one is truly happy. Both the rich and the poor will say that they are not completely satisfied with their lives.

SOMY PAUDYAL, Feb 19 2018

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Start repatriation

Now that Bangladesh has implemented what Myanmar demanded—a family-wise list of Rohingya returnees—we expect the latter to carry out its part immediately.

Post Report, Feb 19 2018

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Experts know best

We recently visited Helambu and North Gorkha to monitor the progress of reconstruction projects and it was heartening to witness that substantial progress had been made in the reconstruction of both housing and small public buildings. We saw many new, well-built homes.

CARA BUCHAN, Feb 19 2018

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Congratulations! Mr PM!

Congratulations, Mr KP Oli, on becoming Prime Minister! You have declared that rapid economic development will be your government’s top priority. But we know from experience that economic development without good governance is a pipe dream.

Naresh Koirala, Feb 19 2018

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A job to do

KP Oli’s first decision as prime minister was to order a review of all of the previous government’s policies and put many of its decisions on hold.

Post Report, Feb 19 2018

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Change of guard

Sher Bahadur Deuba finally resigned yesterday as Prime Minister. The process leading up to this has not been smooth.

Post Report, Feb 16 2018

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The left juggernaut

The agreement between CPN-UML Chair KP Oli and CPN (Maoist Centre) Chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal on the unification of their two parties comes as somewhat of a surprise.

Feb 15 2018

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The forest from the trees

It seems that the government is once again sending conflicting messages and skipping essential steps while formulating new policies and directives.

Feb 14 2018

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Don’t let them freewheel

The government has just introduced a directive that aims to keep tabs on members and transactions of financial cooperative units.

Feb 13 2018

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A job half done

The left alliance and the Madhesi parties have now managed to select chief ministers in all seven states. The selection of candidates by the CPN-UML and the CPN-Maoist Centre could have been better in terms of inclusion of marginalised groups.

Feb 12 2018

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