Race against time

There was widespread opposition to the ruling parties’ proposal to keep the number of First-Past-the-Post (FPTP) constituencies at 240, instead of reducing it to 165. This appears to have led the government to backtrack.

Jul 21 2017

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The second sex

On July 6, a woman who was observing Chhaupadi, died of a snakebite in Dailekh. And in December 2016, police investigated the death of a 15-year-old girl in Accham who was banished to a poorly-ventilated shed because she was menstruating. Reports say she suffocated after lighting a fire to keep warm.

Jul 20 2017

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Fix it

The sorry state of Kathmandu’s roads has caused untold inconveniences to commuters and pedestrians alike.

Jul 19 2017

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Down the drain

The government’s capital spending bunched towards the end of the year in the last fiscal cycle as well, raising questions on the quality of state expenditure.

Jul 18 2017

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Tug of war

Now that local elections have been held in all but one province, preparations for the operationalisation of local level units have begun in earnest. And it is becoming clear that there is a wide range of tasks that need to be determined.

Jul 17 2017

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In recent years, there’s been an upsurge in the number of Nepali women seeking employment opportunities abroad. Such an increase demands insight into the push and pull factors behind their decision to head overseas for employment.

Jul 14 2017

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Take the long view

The third phase of local elections is scheduled for September 18, yet the government does not seem to have paid much attention to the problems that need resolution beforehand. The fact that there is a demand for a constitution amendment seems to have been lost in the drive for elections.

Jul 13 2017

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The job issue

With the Gulf crisis showing no sign of resolution, the number of aspiring Nepali migrants seeking a permit to work in Qatar has plummeted sharply.

Jul 12 2017

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Money matters

The Nepal Rastra Bank has launched the Monetary Policy for the next fiscal year without much change to key targets.

Jul 11 2017

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The first two phases of local elections led to widespread excitement. There is a belief that the new local representatives, the first to be elected in two decades, will finally be able to restore coherence to local development.

Jul 10 2017

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Modern day slavery

Trafficking in Persons (TIP) is a global phenomenon and a reprehensible crime. It is one of the worst violations of human rights, directly impinging on human liberty, dignity and the right not to be held in slavery or involuntary servitude.

Jul 07 2017

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