No more pork barrel

MPs should monitor government activities, not manage them

Sep 26 2018

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Bridging learning deficit

Educationally we have been a terrible under-performer

Sep 25 2018

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Women in charge

Female lawmakers now head half of the House committees

Sep 24 2018

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The West Seti fiasco

Blessed with water resources, cursed with governance failure

Sep 21 2018

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Law of the land

The constitution is an evolving document and can be amended

Sep 20 2018

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Police gone wild

Cops are brutalising the people they have sworn to serve

Sep 19 2018

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The right stuff

Passing of the bills on basic rights is a milestone, but implementation will be key

Sep 18 2018

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Overseas treatment

The decision to stop paying for medical treatment of political leaders welcome

Sep 17 2018

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Forest for the trees

Nijgadh Airport, while necessary, should not come at the cost of the environment

Sep 14 2018

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No justice, no peace

Police incompetence is turning the tragic Nirmala Panta case into a farce

Sep 13 2018

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Catching tigers

Contractors under political umbrellas deserve prosecution for their failures

Sep 12 2018

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