Election watch

The chief election officer of Kanchanpur recently wrote to the Election Commission (EC) asking that the European Union (EU) election observers be barred from operating in Province 7 districts.

Nov 24 2017

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Piecemeal process

Eleven years have passed since the vaunted Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) was signed between the government and then Maoist rebels in November, 2006.

Nov 23 2017

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Basic lesson

The government has finally placed a moratorium on reserving a large portion of permanent teaching positions for temporary teachers.

Nov 22 2017

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Don’t stifle growth

A study conducted by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (Caan), the aviation sector regulator, has found that domestic airports will not be able to accommodate additional aircraft for at least two years.

Nov 21 2017

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Shaken up

The recent spate of attacks on candidates should be a matter of serious concern. As of Saturday, there have been over a dozen bomb attacks on candidates across the country. The government and security officials need to step up their game; there is absolutely no excuse for laxity.

Nov 20 2017

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Breaking records

Nepal’s tourism sector was hard hit by the double whammy the country was faced with in 2015-the devastating earthquake and the crippling trade embargo imposed by India.

Nov 17 2017

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At least five candidates have become the target of bomb attacks since last Friday. The latest attack was on CPN-UML leader Sher Dhan Rai in Bhojpur, on Tuesday.

Nov 16 2017

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Is Nepal well?

A full report of the 2016 Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) was released on Monday. While the health indicators show an overall improvement in healthcare,

Nov 15 2017

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Tame runaway prices

The household budget has come under tremendous pressure once again, as vegetable prices are soaring. The price of vegetables has jumped by up to 53 percent in the last two weeks, with a number of green produce recording price hikes of up to Rs40 per kg, official data shows.

Nov 14 2017

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New roadmap

The election campaign for the two phases of elections to the federal parliament and provincial assemblies is now in full steam. Political leaders have fanned across the country to convince the population of the contents of their manifestos and their own individual utility for the voters.

Nov 13 2017

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Slaving away

The injustices visited upon Nepali migrant workers in the Gulf have often made headlines, with a number of reports highlighting the pitiful state of an estimated one million of our migrants in the region.

Nov 10 2017

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