Weigh the merits

Modern bureaucracies, it is said, are formed on the basis of merit and technical competence.

Sep 26 2017

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Call for integrity

Dr Govinda KC has once again warned of launching a hunger strike. This is not good. The fact that the good doctor has to go on repeated hunger strikes indicates how deeply entrenched interest groups that drive the country’s lucrative medical sector are.

Sep 25 2017

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Falling short

Earlier this month, the government formed a High Level Education Commission (HLEC) under Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Gopalman Shrestha to formulate an education policy that fits into the federal scenario under the new political context.

Sep 22 2017

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Election reflection

The third and final phase of local elections was completed on Monday in the Eastern Tarai Province 2. Elections were held in a remarkably uneventful manner.

Sep 21 2017

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Twisted actions

The Managing Director of Nepal Oil Corporation, Gopal Khadka, was fired from his post by the government on Monday.

Sep 20 2017

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Buck the trend

On Thursday, the US government formally agreed to extend a grant of $500 million to Nepal to strengthen the energy and transport network.

Sep 19 2017

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Race to the end

The third phase of the local election is being held in Province 2 today. Observer groups have said that the campaign period was largely free of violence and intimidation. It is to be hoped that the rest of the day will also proceed without event. Elections in Province 2 are an event of substantial significance, as it marks the Rastriya Janata Party Nepal’s (RJPN) entry into the political process.

Sep 18 2017

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The road ahead

This monsoon, extreme levels of torrential rainfall over much of Nepal caused significant damage and suffering. The Nepali government’s swift deployment of relief efforts following the initial onset of the flood-induced disasters was commendable.

Sep 15 2017

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The government has decided to deploy 68,000 security personnel to Province 2 to provide security in the third phase of local elections.

Sep 14 2017

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Musical chairs

Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has once again increased the size of his Cabinet. With the induction of three ministers and one state minister, the size of the Council of Ministers now stands at a monstrous 54.

Sep 13 2017

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Mucky business

Last week, market monitoring teams of the government sealed eight branded stores in Durbar Marg, Kathmandu’s high-end shopping street, accusing them of charging exorbitant prices.

Sep 12 2017

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