A healthy health policy

The difficulty in attracting specialist doctors to government hospitals is a longstanding problem plaguing the country’s health sector.

Mar 29 2017

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Don’t shirk responsibility

It is apparent that India is trying to shirk its responsibility by expressing an unwillingness to provide adequate exchange facilities to Nepalis holding banned Indian banknotes of 500- and 1,000-rupee denominations.

Mar 28 2017

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A grave problem

A number of studies in recent years have shown that Nepalis, particularly urban dwellers, are breathing in highly toxic air. Last year’s Environment Performance Index put Nepal at 177 among 180 countries in terms of air quality.

Mar 27 2017

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Tourism travails

Nepal’s breathtaking scenery and diverse cultures make it a perfect destination for adventure and religious tourism.

Mar 24 2017

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Confused character

Prime Minister Dahal is flying to China today. After attending the Boao conference, he will travel to Beijing where he will attend important bilateral political meetings. He will then spend a day in Tibet.

Mar 23 2017

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Perennial shortage

The country is fast gearing up for the local level polls slated for May 14. An unintended consequence of the election preparations is that hundreds of thousands of students of public schools will not get their textbooks on time,

Mar 22 2017

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Power talks

The government has been harping on about frugal electricity usage. But it will very soon start calling on people to do just the opposite and consume more power.

Mar 21 2017

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Political Hinduism

The appointment of the Hindu cleric Yogi Adityanath as chief minister of Uttar Pradesh has created waves in the Indian media.

Mar 20 2017

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Changing tides

Walking along the Bagmati river had turned into an unpleasant experience over the years.

Mar 17 2017

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Continued uncertainty

Two fateful incidents over the past week—one in the East and another in the Far West—punctured the veneer of the perceived political calm and peace in the country, exposing the fact that Nepali society continues to be vulnerable to conflict.

Mar 16 2017

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Migration realities

A report entitled “Labour Migration and the Remittance Economy: The Socio-Political Impact” was released in Kathmandu on Monday.

Mar 15 2017

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