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Dear Aunt, I recently started dating somebody. We met through Facebook. Honestly, I was only attracted to her through how she presented herself on social media. She seemed pretty as well as smart. And when we finally started talking, we hit it off.

Feb 20 2018

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Patchy network

Dear Aunt,I have had a crush on this guy for four years now. And after all these years, I am sure this is love. I am really into him and I want to be with him. This year, I mustered enough courage to tell him how I feel and hence asked him out the old-school way.

Feb 20 2018

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Gaming on a budget

Gone is the era of backbreaking heavy devices that heat up as soon as you jump into some serious gaming action.

Bivek Khatiwada, Feb 20 2018

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The interview

I had barely put my first step forward to ascend the stairs when I heard her voice, “Baba! Eh Baba!”

Sulochana Manandhar, Feb 18 2018

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The history of Dachi Appa and Ma appa bricks

When it comes to our beloved temples, the majority of which are built in the traditional Newar style of architecture, we tend to think that these temples are emblematic of the intricate wood carving that adorns them, or the stone carvings, that are part of the make-up.

Sophia L Pande, Feb 18 2018

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Back to the grind

I am a 29-year-old woman with a toddler. I have a degree and more than eight years of experience in the field of administration. I recently landed a job at a construction company as an admin assistant.

Post Report, Feb 13 2018

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How good is this Note?

2017 was the year of Chinese smartphones in Nepal. Even though heavy weight international brands continue to command a lion’s share of the market, the growth of Chinese devices in the last year was commendably rapid.

Anuj Bhandari, Feb 13 2018

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What the eyes can’t see

Last Tuesday, February 6, saw the opening of an exhibition of photographs showcasing sheer beauty at Siddhartha Art Gallery. Spectrum by Laurence Kent Jones oozes a perfect mix of visual grace and edgy compositional skills.

Kurchi Dasgupta, Feb 11 2018

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One mad woman

Wearing a dress—which was torn in more places than one could care to count—using a rag as a muffler, and carrying a stick, the woman who lived alone on the hill was on her way to the city again.

Prakash Pradhananga, Feb 11 2018

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At a crossroadS

I am a 28-year-old man with a good job. My parents are more than happy with how much I earn, my girlfriend thinks I have my life sorted, and as far as my social circle is concerned, I have a promising network.

Feb 06 2018

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Tech talk with gadget byte

If you have been looking for budget-phones, you know exactly how daunting the hunt can be. Lower price almost always translates into a compromise—big or small. Yet the market never fails to draw your attention with their catchy taglines.

Bivek Khatiwada, Feb 06 2018

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Naakaa drops its first trailer

Naakaa, an upcoming Nepali drama featuring Bipin Karki and Robin Tamang in the lead roles, has dropped its first trailer.

Post Report, Feb 04 2018

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Second edition of Moonshine Affairs goes live

RAW, the second installment of Kaalo.101 Art Space’s monthly event series, the Moonshine Affairs, is an exhibition of 17 photographers, most of whom are showing their works at a gallery setting for the first time.

Rahul Dhakal, Feb 04 2018

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