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Magar’s Birsiyeka Satya launched

Birsiyeka Satya, an autobiographical novel written by Numesh Gharti Magar, was launched amid a function in Dang, on Friday. The book chronicles the struggles of author Numesh while he was working as a labourer in India.

DURGALAL KC, Sep 24 2017

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The Art of Tenderising Meat

“If we allow that human life can be governed by reason, the possibility of life is annihilated.” —Leo Tolstoy

Sandesh Ghimire, Sep 24 2017

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Delaying the inevitable

I’ve been with my girlfriend for about three years. We met in high school and have gotten along fabulously well. We have graduated now and are preparing to take the next step in our lives.

Sep 19 2017

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Apple’s brave new world

It was exactly 10 years ago that Apple introduced the first iPhone to the tech world. With its innovative approach and features that outdid any of the trending gadgets of the time, it pleasantly surprised most stakeholders,

Bivek Khatiwada, Sep 19 2017

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Love lost

When they first met, Kali was unsure about the friendship. She was scared and, probably, also scarred. She jumped on her feet to sneak away with her tail between her legs, when a scooter parked right in front of her.

Abha Dhital, Sep 17 2017

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Art and the Rohingya of Kathmandu

I first came across the work of Sujan Dangol during the Kathmandu Triennale held earlier this year, which ostensibly looked like a recording of a game of musical chairs played by a group of young men. The label tersely said that it was ‘a collaboration between the artist and a group of urban refugees living in the Kathmandu Valley’, and that it was a metaphor for their harsh reality.

Kurchi Dasgupta, Sep 17 2017

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Before the big step

​I broke up with my long-term boyfriend a couple of months ago. We were in a toxic relationship since the very beginning and it took me a long while to permanently put a full stop to it.

Sep 12 2017

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Packing a punch

Samsung has of late updated its J-series with quite a few promising devices, with the like of J7 Max, J7 Pro, and J7 Plus.

Anuj Bhandari, Sep 12 2017

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Kot Parba: The Prelude

The house itself is rather squeezed-in, the way most Newar houses in the valley are, but the owner of the house is planning to expand the wings soon onto land recently wrested off of some pesky Jha Brahmans.

Dipesh Risal, Sep 10 2017

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The future is here

If you follow the tech-world closely, you have probably heard of IFA Berlin. IFA is one of the biggest trade shows in the world, which exhibits and introduces an array of new, useful, and occasionally weird electronic devices.

Anuj Bhandari, Sep 05 2017

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Cautious steps

It has been three months that I have been really good friends with a classmate I am studying MBBS with. I think she is really attractive and we have been hanging out a lot, going out drinking and even on night outs

Post Report, Sep 05 2017

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A thousand cranes

One, two,, eight. Eight paper cranes of different colours lay on the floor, carefully placed side by side.

Sneha Bhatta, Sep 03 2017

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