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Leaping into the void

I want to quit my well-paying job as a primary-level teacher. The school administration has decided to demote me, holding me responsible for the poor scores of my students in Math. While they don’t want me out, I don’t want to continue at the cost of my dignity and self-respect.

May 22 2018

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All you need, plus more

The OnePlus 6 has been all the buzz of late. With numerous leaks and rumors about the device, the excitement around the brand had reached a fever pitch among OnePlus’ legion of fans.

Bivek Khatiwada, May 22 2018

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She had a dream

Done with washing up, Sameer stood hunched over the railing, gazing at a spectacular Kirtipur. He had a busy schedule and the day was filled with things to do, starting from 11 am. Presently it was only 10 in a grey overcast morning when he heard a woman’s voice calling for Dev, which of course incited his interest. The voice belonged to the girl from the adjacent house; she was shouting from the balcony and had looked disheveled.


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Sacred vs Sold

When I spoke to Michael Gordon, the artist and Fulbright researcher, who is responsible for putting together the concept and execution of a very intriguing exhibition at the Siddhartha Gallery, what struck me most was his comment (which I am paraphrasing and hopefully not incorrectly) that to his mind ‘thangka’ in a way acted as a microcosm for Nepal’s geopolitics.

Kurchi Dasgupta, May 20 2018

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tongue tied

I am in high school. My English is very bad. My elder brother reads a lot of English novels and newspapers and his English is good. But I don’t like reading papers or books. Because I get poor marks in English, I often ask my brother to do my homeworks and eventually, almost always get caught.

May 15 2018

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A click away

According to Info Trends, around one trillion digital photos were taken in 2017, 85 percent of which were taken using smartphone cameras. This gives us clear insight into just how popular smartphones have become.

Bivek Khatiwada, May 15 2018

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Dust to dust

We met for the first time in a tempo. We didn’t speak or anything; our eyes met, and that was it. Her curly hair so perfectly framed the broad cheeks that were covered by a surgical mask. Blue, I remember. It was blue; and mine was green.

Subash Chapagain, May 13 2018

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Walking through the ages

Amidst the ongoing outcries about the neglect or destruction of several heritage sites in the Capital and beyond, a new initiative is attempting to educate the younger generation on what is at stake if heritage sites get eviscerated.


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Taken for a ride

I am having a lot of problems at home. My parents have been devout followers of a certain Indian spiritual guru for the past two years and our family life is not the same anymore. They are obsessed with his teachings and they listen to it on the TV or on YouTube all day.

May 08 2018

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Of spyware beware

Water, needless to say, is a good conductor of electricity. And Krishna, in your case, when you dropped your charger in the water, the water might have gotten inside. The water probably got near or into the components inside the phone, which is never a good thing because of water’s inherently conductive nature. When you powered the charger, the electricity started to conduct through the components which were supposed to be insulated. This then created a short circuit inside, which caused your charger to blow up.

Bivek Katiwada, May 08 2018

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Jhyalkhana: glass prison

The room was full of guests and the atmosphere was of abounding extravagance. As women in sparkly clothes hovered around Laxmi, I walked straight up to the dulahi and handed her the gift. “Badhai chha! Don’t forget us now that you got your life partner,” I teased. In response, she just smiled and her eyes sparkled. She looked beautiful in a bride’s attire. It seemed like the traces of coyness accompanied by beaming hope only added to her charm.

Sulochana Manandhar, May 06 2018

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Blast from the past

I recently came across my long-lost childhood sweetheart. We went to the same school from grade 3 to 5. She was my first crush ever. As a young boy I liked her so much. We shared everything from lunch to stationery. I remember how I preferred hanging out with her to my male friends. After the fifth grade, her family permanently moved to Biratnagar. I was just a kid but still I missed her so much.

May 01 2018

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