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In a rut

I have been with the same person for nine years now, we started dating when we were in high school and now we are both 26. Our families have known about us and they are happy with the relationship.

Nov 21 2017

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Oppo F5: A homerun or a gimmick?

Last week, Oppo F5 was launched in Nepal with the tagline “Selfie expert and leader”.

Bivek Khatiwada, Nov 21 2017

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Journey to the End of the Night

The fact that we, as humans, dream proves that our waking life remains unfulfilled. By dreaming, we can become who we could never become in reality and thus fulfill our deepest needs.

ISHWAR KADEL, Nov 19 2017

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Dreams of an Evanescing Dew

Who are you, little i?” — e e cummings Nothing was more beautiful than what was yet to be.

Sandesh Ghimire, Nov 19 2017

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Dear Aunt,I had been in a relationship with my girlfriend for about three years. We had been a happy couple but recently I have become addicted to online multi-player gaming like DOTA.

Post Report, Nov 14 2017

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New kids on the block

High-end phones have their niche customers but there is no denying that mid-range smartphones are all the rage in the Nepali market.

Pratima Adhikari, Nov 14 2017

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Exploring a City Through Art: The Venice Biennale

The Kathmandu Triennale 2017 (KT 2017), held in March this year, which used our city as its canvas, evolved from its two previous iterations as the Kathmandu International Art Festival (KIAF 2009, 2012).

Sophia L Pande, Nov 12 2017

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Mothers’ Day

It is mothers’ day and Shakuntala, who has just stepped into adolescence, is very excited. It is a big day for her. For the first time in her life, she’s buying her mother some sweets with her own money—the five rupees she’s been saving just for this day.

Sulochana Manandhar, Nov 12 2017

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Digitising the Nepali wallet

In a world where everything is getting digitised, it is no surprise that even money is slowly making that transition. Today, one doesn’t necessarily have to carry wallets bulked up with cash, receipts, and credit cards anymore.

Bivek Khatiwada, Nov 07 2017

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The living nightmare

The alarm woke Neelima up just in time from a dream that she was seeing with her eyes wide open. The nights were only getting longer, while the days weren’t getting any better.

Aaswini Gupta, Nov 05 2017

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A comedy laced with vitriolic satire

Last Thursday saw the opening of Katha Ghera’s Line at Shilpee Theatre in Kathmandu. A brilliant, Nepali adaptation of Israel Horovitz’s English play, which was arguably the longest running play (ran for more than 40 years) in New York and was a part of the bohemian, Off-Off Broadway theatre movement, Line does justice to our socio-political reality here even today.

Kurchi Dasgupta, Nov 05 2017

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I am 16 and in grade 10. I know I’m too young to get involved in such things but I have been in love with a boy for the past four years. We, however, never speak and I am not sure if he really even notices me.

Oct 31 2017

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