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A bridge too far

I’m writing in because I’ve been feeling very anxious. I have a girlfriend who is 24 years old, and I’m 28 at the moment. We’ve been in a relationship for nearly two years, and age isn’t the only barrier between us—she’s a Chhetri and I’m a Newar. We come from pretty conservative families who are bound to frown upon our differences.

Aug 14 2018

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Your first machine

Devices, devices, devices—owning one is no longer an option but a necessity. Whether it be a smartphone , a tablet or a laptop, we need at least one of these things to stay social and remain connected to the interwebs.

Pratima Adhikari, Aug 14 2018

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Fusion restaurant doubles as ambient art space

New art spaces are on the rise in Kathmandu. From the cloistered Kalo.101 in Patan that has repurposed a traditional Newar residential house into a vibrant, collaborative space to the new contemporary art wing at the lovingly restored Taragaon Musuem in Boudha, these new spaces are not just adding more gallery room to the city, but also actively striving to take art out of the traditional white-wall gallery settings, as well as introducing innovative models of organising such spaces and institutions.

Post Report, Aug 12 2018

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The Lost Generation

For this generation, to cave in was to once again succumb to a centuries old status quo—unjust and no longer conscionable

BIKASH GUPTA, Aug 12 2018

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A risky crush

My friend and I went to the same college and while I did know about her brother who studies abroad, I had never taken any interest in him. Since he was not on social media there was no telling what he was like either. He came to Nepal three weeks ago and recently, my friend threw him a welcome party to which I was invited too.

Aug 07 2018

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Take your music anywhere

The bite-sized JBL Go 2 is budget-friendly, but does it give you a bang for your buck?

Bivek Khatiwada, Aug 07 2018

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The Confession

I was born in this city. Most of the people here know me. Well actually, “knowing me” would be an overstatement. Let’s be honest. They’ve either read about me in the papers, or perhaps seen me on television. And, that’s it.

Sarans Pandey, Aug 05 2018

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Transformed by art

When I walked into Siddhartha Gallery last week, I had no idea what to expect of the latest showing—when I walked out, what I had seen surprised and inspired me.

Kurchi Dasgupta, Aug 05 2018

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My girlfriend and I broke up when she left for abroad last year. We had been together for a long while and the break was quite rough on me personally. We haven’t been completely out of touch. We have brief chats every now and then but nothing like it used to once be.

Jul 31 2018

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New dawn

The smartphone market is flooded with comparable products from various brands and the competition is at an all-time high. If you are someone who loves to keep an eye on what’s new and trending, here are the top smartphones that were recently launched in the Nepali market.

Bivek Khatiwada, Jul 31 2018

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AsthaTamang-Maskey’s new Muse

Two of the first three singles—More and Muse—of Astha Tamang-Maskey’s latest EP have been released, and the third is slated to release on August 31. These songs are a testament to her growth as an artist. She has embraced the electronic wave while still retaining her signature touch. Her earlier two albums are more singer-songwriter oriented and her new single retains that emotive flair.

Yuvash Vaidya, Jul 29 2018

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The lucidity of colours

The bleakness of Kathmandu never unsettled me nor did I ever give it much thought. With tons of paperwork left on my desk, my day was just beginning. I headed down the street lined with dust covered houses and riddled with puddles reflecting the overcast sky. As I manoeuvred through the city, I caught a glimpse of the long line outside the cinema hall. I shook my head, pitying the fools who paid any attention to such trivialities.


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