Free the Words

I am pro-life—don’t call me anti-abortion

That kind of languge allows critics to dismiss me as single-issue obsessives

Charles C. Camosy, Jan 13 2019

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Trump vs Ocasio Cortez

They both know how to control the narrative. But one comes across as a human being

Kara Swisher, Jan 13 2019

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The game of policymaking

Basu’s new book offers a new methodology rooted in game theory for practicing law and economics


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Every breath we take

Kathmandu should hold itself to a higher standard in protecting health 

Barune Thapa, Jan 13 2019

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Not mutually exclusive

Tradition and development can coexist

Sweta Amatya Shrestha, Jan 13 2019

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Third space of conversation

It should be a space for transformation for Dalits and non-Dalits, men and women

Sanjeev Uprety, Jan 13 2019

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