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Diplomatic crisis in Qatar

A recent episode in West Asia has put Qatar, a small but sovereign country, in the global limelight. Earlier in the month, several Gulf countries severed diplomatic ties with Qatar, accusing it of supporting terror groups. Chief among those countries is Saudi Arabia, with which Qatar shares its sole land border. The rest of Qatari territory is surrounded by the Persian Gulf.


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Elephant in the room

For global financial markets, the US interest rate outlook is the elephant in the room. Sharply higher rates could destabilise markets, particularly in emerging Asia where rising debt levels are shaping up as a threat to growth.

DONGHYUN PARK, Jun 25 2017

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Political symbolism

We are inundated with symbols these days because the second phase of the local elections has transformed political sloganeering into symbolic acts. The election times play with the symbols, either by generating new ones or by giving continuity to some established ones.

ABHI SUBEDI, Jun 25 2017

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How to get rid of lizards

I like lizards. I think their eyes are beautiful. I find it is possible to engage with them, however briefly. My granddaughter likes them too. But I know lots of people who will not enter a room which has lizards.


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No horn, please

The Traffic Control Department of Nepal Police has recently implemented a plan penalising the blowing of vehicular horns in inappropriate places. This was a long overdue and welcome step. But there are various flaws in this plan--especially in its execution.

Khagendra N Sharma, Jun 25 2017

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Double trouble

The number of drug abusers in Nepal has been swelling even though sound and subtle narcotic drug policies and strategies have been in place for more than a decade.

APIL R BOHARA, Jun 25 2017

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