Free the Words

Letter to a younger self

Dear me of the past, There are so many things I want to say to you, so many advices I want to give you, but alas, I cannot.

Sandhya Lamichhane, Mar 17 2019

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Don’t blame robots for low wages

The other day I found myself, as I often do, at a conference discussing lagging wages and soaring inequality. There was a lot of interesting discussion.

PAUL KRUGMAN, Mar 17 2019

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Without humans, A.I. can wreak havoc

The year 1989 is often remembered for events that challenged the Cold War world order, from the protests in Tiananmen Square to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Katherine Maher, Mar 17 2019

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The cannabis industry

After marijuana was categorised as a medicine by the US Food and Drug Administration in 2018, legal cannabis started gaining much attention globally.

RAJU ADHIKARI, Mar 17 2019

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All aboard

Barring a few exceptions like Sajha Yatayat, a vast majority of public transport  needs in the Valley are being provided by private operators.

Amit Bhattarai, Mar 17 2019

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Nativity of Nepali English

Last week, I was invited to present a discourse to English teachers in Surkhet on a broad topic “A critical reflection on Nepalese English literature”, by Bishnu Kumar Khadka, president of NELTA Karnali province committee.

Abhi Subedi, Mar 17 2019

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