Free the Words

Safe enough?

Millions of animals are torn open every year in laboratories because people--and those in government--feel safer knowing that almost everything that reaches us has been tested on animals before. The point is--does it make you safer? Imagine inventing a medicine for a bird.


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How Britain lost its power

The place of those who have ceased to rule is to teach,” V. S. Pritchett wrote of Spain in 1954, as the British Empire was collapsing around him. By the end of the 20th century, Britain had long since ceased to rule. But in India, where I grew up and which had been a British colony for nearly 90 years and subject to its growing influence since the 1700s, it continued to feed us in myriad ways.

AATISH TASEER, Jun 24 2018

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Pedalling through perdition

It was a dark winter night, Taylor (my bicycle) and I were traveling back home from the chaotic downtown of Kathmandu. Suddenly, I fell down and rubbed my right cheek, which left my face scarred. In another situation, one motorcyclist tugged with Taylor coming at the front and nearly I fell down. Stories become tremendous once you start riding a zero carbon, eco-friendly mountain bike in Kathmandu’s chaos.

Dipendra Gautam, Jun 24 2018

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The fourth great awakening

There are certain melodies that waft through history. One is the cultural contrast between Athens and Jerusalem. This contrast has many meanings, but the most germane one for our day is the contrast between the competitive virtues and the compassionate virtues.

DAVID BROOKS, Jun 24 2018

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The forgotten hero

A remarkable book with a long title From India’s freedom to Nepal’s Democracy: Memoirs of DB Parihar (2018) was launched at the book fair held in Bhrikuti Mandap in the first week of June 2018.

abhi subedi, Jun 24 2018

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The Trump-Kim summit

From threats and insults to suddenly exchanging compliments and optimism of friendship, high drama best describes the 12 June, 2018 Trump-Kim Summit. Trump and Kim have demonstrated that leadership of courage and conviction can think above skepticism of academics and professionals and act beyond hesitations of officials and diplomats.


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